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Filmmaker Has Footage of US Military Shooting Down UFOs!

In the wake of the unprecedented recent Congressional hearings on UFOs – which included leaked military footage of encounters with the unknown craft – a filmmaker claims, he has seen similar footage that shows the US military trying to shoot down UFOs!

Jeremy Corbell is the individual behind the recent string of shocking clips featuring encounters between UFOs and the US military – including one which was played at the landmark hearing held by Congress.

Corbell now tells the paper The US Sun that Russia and the US have fired weapons at UFOs “recently and regularly with increased frequency.” During a recent appearance on TalkTV, he doubled down on that claim and even said he knows that videos of dogfights between US and Russian aircraft and UFOs exist — because he has seen them with his own eyes and is willing to testify to that fact before Congress. 

In his most recent allegation, Corbell was speaking on The Unexplained With Howard Hughes on May 22, and he claimed there was an attempt to shoot down a UFO as recently as last week!

UFOs have become a hot topic in Washington DC, with the discussion moving from the fringe to the mainstream – now more commonly being called Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs).

“I will tell you this, Howard – and this is fact – I have seen the logs, I have seen the videos,” said Corbell to the host of Unexplained.

“We have attempted shoot downs of UAP on a regular basis – we are talking as recently as last Friday.”

He went on,  “It happens on a weekly, if not daily, basis.”

“You have to understand, we are protecting ground troops in certain areas of the world.”

Corbell – who made the documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers – claims the objects come into proximity of these troops and then are fired upon by the US Military.

Hughes pressed the filmmaker on if the UFOs had ever “fired back.”

And after initially passing on the question, Corbell added, “There is no overt aggressive action taken towards us.”

“It seems more observational.”

Corbell then continued, “This is a power that is real, and it is here on Earth, we just don’t know where it comes from.” Adding, “These are machines that are far more advanced, they outpace, outmaneuver and outperform anything we have – that’s the bottom line.”

“The air force is engaging with these UAPs on a weekly basis with arms – and I can prove it.”

Corbell then offered to be called as a witness as the Congressional hearings continue, saying he would “show it” to lawmakers.

Earlier in the interview, the filmmaker hailed the efforts of Congressmen as “champions” and “heroes” for pushing on the UFO topic in Washington.

The landmark hearing last week saw intelligence officials grilled as they revealed there have now been 400 sightings and 11 near misses involving the objects and US forces.

While some have hailed the hearing as an important first step to disclosure, others fear it will just be a source of further cover-ups.

The hearing’s second session was a classified briefing – the contents of which remain unknown. Many questions asked by officials were deferred to the closed-door session, only fueling questions about what is being hidden from the public.

Corbell and investigative reporter George Knapp obtained and released a trove of unseen and at-the-time classified reports and Pentagon-corroborated visual evidence of UFOs in May 2021.

The evidence included – among other things – the Navy’s radar video, thermal-imaging video, and the video from the battleship’s deck of the swarm of UFOs circling above in July 2019.

It comes as numerous former servicemen and intelligence officials are now coming forward to break open the discussion on UFOs as the fear of being stigmatized and ostracized has lessened.