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Federal Lawsuit Reveals FBI Director Wray Obstructed Comey Probe

It has long been rumored that FBI Director Christopher Wray, has been a persistent thorn in the sides of President Trump along with Attorney General Barr’s attempt to investigate former FBI Director Comey’s culpability concerning his direct involvement regarding the Russian collusion scandal.

However, thanks once again to the “Freedom of Information’s Act” newly obtained documents have uncovered the former FBI Director was running a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 by repeatedly deceiving the FISA Court to illegally wiretap a Trump campaign associate.

The lawsuit also reveals that Trump appointed Christopher Wray has been systemically obstructing the DOJ’s effort to investigate the apparent malfeasance within the leadership of the FBI under then Director Comey.

The revelation that Wray was willfully obstructing justice came to light after the federal court issued an order that forced the FBI Director to hand over perhaps the “smoking-gun” that will finally tear wide open the systematic corruption that was prevalent within the Obama Justice Department. The much reverenced “302 reports,” that summarize an FBI interview with Bruce Ohr, a top DOJ official within the Obama Administration.

The “302’s” will show that both the FBI under the leadership of then James Comey, along with the DOJ under the leadership of  then Attorney General Lynch were warned repeatedly by Ohr that ex-British spy Christopher Steele was vehemently anti Trump and therefore unreliable as a source in targeting then candidate Trump, and later as the President-elect.

However, regardless of the outward bias towards the Trump campaign, officials within the Obama administration nevertheless used the tainted and uncorroborated dossier as the instrument to officially launch a counterintelligence investigation on July 31, 2016.

The “dossier” was also the basis for the surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

The FBI and DOJ ignored the warnings of bias and actively concealed it from the FISC Court. They never advised the judges that the information contained in the “dossier” was “unverified.”

This brings us back to the current FBI Director Christopher Wray’s attempt to obstruct the investigation currently in the hands of Inspector General Michael Horowitz along with U.S. Attorney John Durham, and the wider systemic issue of government bureaucrat’s like Wray, whose apparently more concerned in protecting at all costs the tarnished reputation of the FBI and those individuals who brought shame on the premier  law enforcement agency in the country, rather then admitting the corruption, malfeasance, and politicization of the department under the Obama Administration.

However, the FBI under Wray chose instead to fight any public disclosure regarding their involvement with Christopher Steele’s bogus dossier or the fact that it was paid for by the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

The FBI Director went as far as claiming that any release of those documents would aid America’s enemies, worst yet assist terrorists looking to harm America.

An FBI assistant section chief swore in an affidavit supporting the request to keep the documents secret, stating,  “We know that terrorist organizations and other hostile or foreign intelligence groups have the capacity and ability to gather information from myriad sources, analyze it and deduce means and methods from disparate details to defeat the U.S. government’s collection efforts.”

Wray took over the FBI long after such misdeeds occurred. But for some reason, his team has fought relentlessly to keep information secret from Congress and the public about Team Comey’s Russia case.

The House Intelligence Committee had to threaten it would issue a subpoena and go to court in summer 2018 before Wray gave up information about the bureau’s mistakes in the Russia probe. The Senate Judiciary Committee has not received a response to at least six letters it sent requesting FBI information in the Russia case dating to 2017.

Why Wray continues to obstruct justice is anybody’s guess. However, it’s obvious that Wray would rather keep the dirt and corruption of the FBI away from prying eyes of investigators.

The President has already indicated in a series of tweets he’s unhappy with Wray’s performance, hopefully, after the 2020 election the President will move quickly to replace him.