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FBI and ICE Probe into Omar’s Illicit Marriage and Other Misdeeds

A new report published by The Blaze last week revealed that a total of three federal agencies have been secretly investigating Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s alleged illicit marriage — along with other potential criminal misdeeds from 2009 through 2017.

In October the FBI contacted both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Department of Education, in their expending probe of the 37-year old former Somali refugee.

The ongoing investigation follows Minnesota State Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s repeated calls for an ethics investigation after filing a complaint with the Department of Justice in Minnesota, headed by U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald, who directed the FBI to review the complaint.

The Bureau then formally reached out to Drazkowski in mid-October to receive and review the evidence compiled by the Republican congressmen.

At issue is the rumored “sham marriage” along with Omar filing fraudulent income tax returns were initially reported in several conservative news outlets last year.

“No one is above the law,” said Drazkowski during a press conference in July 2019. “We believe the House Ethics Committee can and should launch an investigation immediately.”

The probe of Omar’s criminal activities was originally assumed dropped for lack of evidence; however, investigators have been working behind-the-scene gathering additional evidence.

Aside from Omar’s bogus marriage and filing two fraudulent tax returns, the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board uncovered last year that the Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district willfully misappropriated thousands of dollars in campaign funds for her own personal use, while serving as the Minnesota state legislature, the money has since been reimbursed.

Meanwhile, agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, aka ICE are also conducting their own probe along with the FBI regarding Omar’s supposed marriage in 2009 to a British citizen, (her brother), may have been a hoax to fraudulently obtain federal student loans, along with a green card.

The Department of Education Inspector General is investigating the circumstances leading up to the loans, along with the timeline of Omar’s 2009 marriage, in which the couple moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Omar enrolled at North Dakota State University in August 2009. Her husband enrolled the following year.

Here’s where it gets really interesting; Omar received her degree in June of 2011, that same month she and her “husband” permanently separated. Coincidently the marriage begins and ends with the start and end dates of Omar’s NDSU enrollment.

According to address records, and statements from Omar herself, she was still living with her first husband and their two kids throughout the bogus second marriage, and filled two federal income tax returns willfully claiming her first husband on the forms as her spouse, while still legally married to the second husband, one of them reputed to be her brother.

The FBI is also investigating possible perjury charges against Omar, in which the Muslim legislator in 2017 during her divorce trial, was mandated by the court to submit a 9-question form swearing under oath, to have lost all contact with her NDSU husband in June 2011.

Investigators have found dozens of documented social media posts, photos and even a video interview with her NDSU husband indicate that they’ve been in constant contact.

If those contacts can be substantiated, it would mean that Omar is looking at 9 perjury raps, aside from the alleged frauds committed.

Omar has for years dismissed allegations that her second husband, a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her brother and that she married him to help him fraudulently gain a U.S. green card, and student loans.