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Father dining with his family in Miami fatally shot, shooter danced on top of his lifeless body

A father dining with his family inside a Miami Beach restaurant was killed when he was gunned down at random, police said.

The shooting took place at the popular restaurant La Cerveceria de Barrio.

“There was a guy sitting at the table with all of his family, and kids and everything. And the guy went there, and shot the guy, three times,” a restaurant employee said.

Dustin Wakefield, pictured, was allegedly shot and killed by Tamarius Davis.

Another witness said that in a disturbing twist, the suspect went on to celebrate the shooting and danced over the victim’s lifeless body.

Officers who arrived on scene found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds. Police managed to quickly apprehend the suspect and confiscate the firearm used in the shooting.

EMS workers who also responded to the restaurant immediately performed CPR on the victim before he was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to NBC Miami.

The victim was identified by his mother a Dustin Wakefield, a 21-year-old man and father of a 1-year-old boy who was visiting Miami from his home in Castle Rock, Colo.a man looking at the camera: Tamarius Davis is the shooter, police say. 

Tamarius Davis is the shooter, police say.

Investigators said the shooter is 22-year-old Tamarius Davis, a Georgia resident. Davis, who made his first appearance in court on Wednesday where he was formally charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, is being held at a correctional facility without bond.

Police said that after confessing to shooting and killing Wakefield, Davis also admitted to being high on mushrooms which “made him feel empowered.”

According to Timothy Burgess, who was accosted by Davis prior to the slaying, he saw the suspect with a gun.

“So I’m sitting in the alley and I see the guy and he’s like talking. He drops his backpack and pulls a gun out and shoots and I’m thinking it’s time to go,” he said to CBS 4.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, this guy’s got a gun.’ And I get over here and he’s on my and he’s like chasing me around the car,” Burgess added.

Chilling: This shows an armed man dancing just after the murder victim was shot at La Ceveceria restaurant on Ocean Dr. @wsvn— Sheldon Fox-7 News (@fox_sheldon) August 25, 2021

Burgess said that Davis also fired a single shot before heading to the restaurant.

An investigation is ongoing.