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Facebook Whistleblower Has Ties With Obama Operative

The Facebook whistleblower that was identified as Frances Haugen during a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday is getting strategic guidance from a top Democratic operative with ties to Obama, according to Washington Free Beacon.

Reports indicate that Haugen is working with Bill Burton and his consulting firm, Bryson Gillette. Burton worked under the Obama administration as deputy press secretary. The former Facebook employee’s communications team is allegedly seeking guidance from Burton.

Over the course of ten months, the former Facebook employee leaked internal documents to Wall Street Journal which has since been dubbed by the outlet as “The Facebook Files.”

On Haugen and Burton working together, former director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Kevin Laughlin said the move seems “well-orchestrated.”

“It does have the appearance of being an incredibly well-orchestrated communications campaign,” Laughlin said.

Bill Burton has been an outspoken critic of Facebook and has likened them to tobacco companies, Washington Free Beacon reported. Burton said that tobacco companies knowingly sell deadly products and make them more addictive so consumers will buy them, similar to Facebook.

“The thing that the social media companies are doing, it’s sort of like the tobacco companies, like when people first started making and selling cigarettes, people didn’t know about cancer,” he said. “But then they did, and the tobacco companies would sort of tinker with the nicotine to maximize the addiction.”

During the 60 Minutes segment, Haugen criticized Facebook for lack of censorship despite the Big Tech giant banning individuals that hold conservative principles from their platforms. Haugen said there needs to be more censorship and insisted that Facebook was misleading investors. She blamed Facebook for contributing to the January 6 riot at the US Capitol despite the FBI’s investigation which revealed there was no “insurrection” or coordinated attack.

Earlier, it was revealed that Haugen has donated to far-left Democrat politicians a total of at least 36 times, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), among others.ADVERTISEMENT

The revelations have cast doubt on Haugen’s credibility as a “whistleblower.”

Haugen is set to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

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