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EDC: Don’t Forget your Lights!

In a previous article I discussed the term “everyday carry” (EDC) – which refers to the set of items you keep with you at all times (keys, tools, emergency supplies, firearms, etc.).

Your EDC will of course change depending on the circumstance. For example, are you going hiking or are you on your way to the office?

My previous article broke EDC into seven categories, one of which was termed “disaster-related.” One form of “disaster” that is commonly overlooked is darkness.

In dim and dark situations, even the tiniest of flashlights makes a big difference. This article examines the importance of such light sources and reviews several items you may want to add to your EDC.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.04.20 PM

The light sources in the photo above are small and can be easily carried in a pocket or attached to common EDC items like keys. There are four light sources in the photo:

• Headlamp
• Tactical flashlight
• LED attached to keys (blue)
• LED attached to paracord neck chain (red)

Headlamp/ Headtorch

The headlamp is particularly useful because it allows you to illuminate a specific area while keeping your hands free. Whether you’re fiddling with the fuse box, changing a tire, or tying a knot, having your hands free is a huge help.

It’s important to remember that your headlamp requires batteries. See that green bundle attached to the headlamp in the picture? Within is an extra set of batteries.

Tactical Flashlight

FL-1W-75-led-flashlight-size-compareThere are many places you won’t be able to carry firearms or knives, but not even the grumpiest TSA agent will think twice about a little flashlight.

Tactical flashlights offer a good light source that can useful in a variety of circumstances. With its hard metal body, you could even use it as an emergency weapon if need be. A few more things you can do with a small flashlight:

• Distract or blind an enemy.
• Conceal movement
• Search thoroughly
• Mask or indicate location
• Illuminate the dark

Keychain LED

LED-Mini-Keychain-Light-2This little light is great when you need to unlock a car or house at night. Fumbling for your keys in these situations can be a dangerous distraction. Red and green lights are your best bet because they are less noticeable than white and won’t ruin your night vision.

The LED light attached to the neck chain in the above image provides an easily accessible light source that can be used for small, quick jobs and silent signaling. It works by squeezing, but also has an on/off switch.

LED lights make for a great backup light source when your headlamp batteries inevitably die on you. Even if you have extra batteries, you’ll need a light source to change them.

Illumination devices are a great “starting point” when trying to explain EDC principles to unwilling kids or spouses. The importance of illumination is easy to explain will make others understand the value of such objects. Small LEDs and tactical flashlights also make great gifts.