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Don’t Use Dryer Sheets Here

Photo by <a href="">Rowan Heuvel</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Those who are trying to get rid of the odors coming out of their vents will commonly use a famous life hack that wants them to place dryer sheets in their vents. While this might seem like a simple and cost-effective solution, the reality is that dryer sheets will most likely cause more harm than good in your HVAC vents. Here is why putting dryer sheets in your vents is an overall bad idea.

1. Dryer sheet chemicals are harmful to your health

The National Institute of Health has often noted that there is a connection between the chemicals used in laundry products and a number of illnesses and conditions including asthma attacks and migraines. These chemicals can also frequently cause irritation in your skin, eyes, throat or nostrils.

2. Fire Risk

Dryer sheets could also potentially cause fire risks as they will be blocking the vents in your HVAC system/ As a result the poor airflow could eventually lead to a fire hazard as your machine will be overworked and poorly ventilated. The dryer sheets will also trap the dust and debris in the vents causing even further harm in that way.

3. Higher repair costs and utility bills

Because the dryer sheets will reduce the functionality of your system, you most likely will notice an increase in your bills. This is because the system will work longer hours trying to supplement the poor quality of work.