Donald Trump’s Loss Will Lead To The End

Prominent Christian “conspiracy theorists” suggest that Donald Trump’s defeat at the hands of former US VP Joe Biden will lead to the creation of the “Kingdom of the Antichrist.”

Certain websites that track “biblical prophecies” are warning that the election of Joe Biden will lead to a cashless society. In a cashless society, according to one such site, the economy becomes more of a global structure – which the writer of the post claims is a sign of the End Times. The blog, called “Signposts of the Times,” said that the Chinese Social Credit program is a ‘mark of the beast’, and Joe Biden’s election will allow the system to prosper.

The blog pointed to the Bible verse Revelation 13:16-17, which reads: “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

More recently, the blog has said that Joe Biden will also allow the system to prosper, leading to the rise of the Antichrist. Signposts of the Times said, “Both China and the European Central Bank are on the road to building this future cashless world, which means the remainder of the world would have no choice but to follow suit, as China and the European Union represent a huge part of the global economy.”

The post continued, “At the same time that the world is rapidly building the global digital economic system which will exist during the time of the Tribulation, there are other components of the future ‘Mark of the Beast’ system under construction. That includes the ‘Mark’ itself, which is still a mystery as to what exactly it will be.”

However, according to the blog’s analysis, some of the particulars of the Antichrist “Mark of the Beast” are already in the works. The blogger explained, “This includes ‘smart technology’, which when incorporated into such things as a wristband, quantum dot or microchip can then be used to track and monitor any person, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. And just like the Chinese social credit system, eventually can be used to deny you the ability to buy or sell.”

There have also been those who have said giving people “cards” or some other way to prove that they have been given the COVID-19 vaccine could also represent “the Mark.” Sites like Signposts of the Times, also say that the Biden victory will have more people take the vaccine and not resist the virus as a “hoax,” perpetrated by Satan, as Trump clearly did.

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Could any of this be true? Who knows, but I am far more concerned about what the Biden victory will mean for my taxes and my 2nd Amendment Rights than I am about the coming Armageddon.

14 Replies to “Donald Trump’s Loss Will Lead To The End”

  1. Thomas


  2. Theresa

    Piglosi is a nasty thief along with all her cronies Biden and camel face will destroy the USA! Yes I’m 66yrs old glad I’m on my way out but I have grandkids that will pay for those thieving creeps such as Biden and his family! The socialist radical dems will kill this wonderful country we love! God help us🙏

  3. JoeyP

    This would only be MANY signs about The Antichrist and his END TIME Kingdom . . . which CANNOT STAND. This is a GREAT time for REJOICING when CHRIST comes back – but it is NOT a time to get COMPLACENT. Be READY and WATCH for CHRIST’S coming. One Enlightened Patriot.

  4. Nancy

    Of itself, should a defeat finally occur, it would be just one of the things encouraging a One World Order into place. Its not the worlds first try, either. To me, it looks like Constantine was a good start. He wanted his own one empire one religion. The Romans about ruled the known world a long time. Of course there is Hitler. He tried. Both were antisemitic as well. Today, and for a good while now, we’ve heard of the New World Order. George Bush Jr (Iraq war) mentioned it. I believe Kissinger did. China is desiring to be The whole world Power with a socialistic/communistic bent to it. Then there is the Holy Roman Empire, all the area once comprising the ancient Roman Empire (reborn) and Socialism is trying hard to take this country. We hear a lot of Democrat socialistic proponents wanting to make lists to punish anyone voting for Trump. This is previously unheard of Here. They seem to have a “One size fits all” mentality and if you dont share it, you are basically heretic to them to be punished. That is what I see on Facebook as well from probably most or a good many, democrats, or of atheistic bent, or both. If you will notice, in Revelation 13, the Mark is given to those who have worshipped The Beast, their names are not in the Lambs book of Life….they worship The Image of the should compare this against Daniel 3 :1-28ish with Revelation 13 here. The Saints are not the ones to worship the Beast or the Image. If any do..well, woe to those. I believe the real Mark is the worshipping of the Beast, worshipping its Image of the Beast, you are marked by that. The other is more like a reward that they can now buy and sell, aka EAT. SO YES, with all the things going on and down right now…we may not actually be In it, but it looks to be right at the door.

    • Jim Reid

      You are perfectly right Nancy but will all Americans realize this before its too late rothschilds gates and biden need to be exterminated A.S.A.P

  5. Jim Reid

    I have told you all about this several times and its nothing to do with me believing in conspiracy theories its a fact if you let biden become president its the end of your freedom and your rights as you know them and also complete domination by the likes of the evil rothschilds gates and the chinese. You all have to make sure this election is shown as a complete farce come on Americans you have fought for years for your rights and your freedom do you really want this to happen you all need to rise up against this or you will all regret it. Good luck to you all and I hope you beat this evil attempt to take over your lives and your country. You need the back President Trump to the best of your ability and its nothing to do with what party you belong to it to do with what is right and what is wrong and where you’ll all end up if biden becomes president.

  6. sean oneil

    Yes I truly believe in the end of the times in this country Antichrist Joe Biden does not give a s*** about this country he wants to take God out of this country and bring us to a communist country the people that vote of them obviously don’t believe in God and do want this country to be socialist

  7. Michael Wilkinson

    I stand with Jim Reid and his assessment. I just wrote an article on FB yesterday concerning this very thing, and again today concerning what’s happening, what has been happening to the Spirit of Christmas which ties in to what will most assuredly take place if Biden becomes President. Only. It won’t be Biden we’ll be contending with, but Kamala Harris, The Chosen One. Biden is simply The Trojan Horse. Once in, he will have served his purpose and be relegated to pasture as Harris takes the Wheelhouse, and proceeds to ram
    the Ship of State straight into the rocks (or iceberg if you prefer). And we’re sitting on our collective ass and allowing it to happen!

    Like the story of the frog in a pot of boiling water that doesn’t even realize he’s being boiled alive until it’s too late, we’re that frog, and if John and Jane Q Public don’t awaken soon, we’re going to find ourselves suffering the same fate as the frog. As one who shed his blood, who gave a part of his body, mind, and soul, who died twice upon the operating table in defense of Freedom and Liberty, I am appalled, sicken, and sadden by what I see taking place. I survived being in the Belly of the Beast. Have we turned into a Nation of Docile and Obedient Sheep, afraid of confrontation? Jefferson said that when Tyranny becomes law Revolution becomes duty. Orwell said that the further a society drifts from the truth the more they come to hate those who speak it. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees worshipping some tin god under the heel of a jack boot. Rise up America! Do not let those who gave their last full measure have done so in vain. If you truly love America; if you value your Freedom; if you value the Liberty that Freedom affords you and your family, if you value your children’s education ,; if you value their future, then you must stand and be counted! Now, before everything you hold; have ever held dear, is forever lost. May God save the Republic!

  8. sb

    when a country(like Venezuela) is blockaded, sanctioned and invaded(Politically and militarily) of course it will fail, especially if it was originally under that(USA) country’s influence in the Western World. And to explain its failure, misinformation about its government practices, Socialism, is used as the fundamental reason. Its not its form of government that failed the government, but the USA’s attack(mentioned above) on its government. Our Capitalistic government will not allow Socialism to be a positive government structure. However, our government uses Socialism practices(subsidies, welfare, corporate and bank easing, social security and other freebies ) yet nothing is mentioned about THIS SOCIALISM. China uses a hybrid government practices of Capitalism and Socialism and we dont hear about this government practice which is contrary and worse than just Socialism Yet China is an Economic and Political power! What we do see is USA Corporate advantaging of cheap Chinese labor and Political concerns dont matter when it comes to this Corporate money making business.

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