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Does This Video Show A Ghost In A “Haunted” UK Pub?

Does an eerie video recorded in a supposedly haunted UK pub prove the existence of ghosts that have been said to frequent the place for centuries?

The decidedly creepy video shows what appears to be a ghost knocking over a drink at the 300-year-old White Swan Inn in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

According to the Daily Mirror, Pub manager Natasha Magnan confronted drinkers after a beer ended up on the floor. One of the gents said that the full glass of Coors just fell off the table, and it left him with goosebumps.

Shocked, Natasha, 37, was then left stunned when she watched it back on security footage. The pint indeed appears to suddenly plummet onto the ground despite no one being near it.

It is feared the pub has been targeted by ghouls before.

Speaking to the Mirror, Natasha said, “There was quite a large group of people, and I said, ‘You are making quite a mess, what’s all this beer on the floor?’ 

“And one of the boys said that wasn’t me, and I was like ‘Yeah alright then not believing them,’ and they were like ‘I promise you that it just fell now, look at my goose pimples.'”

One of the staff persuaded Natasha to check the CCTV footage to see if the lads were telling the truth. The security camera footage, filmed on February 13, shows a full pint glass sitting on a table as nearby customers sat chatting in their seats.

Suddenly the glass topples off the table, despite none of the punters touching it.

Natasha thinks a former regular, Chris Harris, 84, may have come back to haunt them and is behind the moving beer to play tricks on them.

Natasha recorded the CCTV footage and can be heard pointing out the blurry hand of a “spirit” around the pint and the candle fluttering uncontrollably on the table.

She said, “Looks like a hand pushed the pint off; the pint goes a bit fuzzy. One of our regulars recently died, so we thought it might actually be him.”

She has been working at the pub for the past 20 years and says there have been several unusual sightings by staff and customers. She added, “I have been working for 20 years and really haven’t seen things like this; I have heard things.

“All of the staff have heard things about the things going on in the pub for so many years.

“I felt things like there were people walking past me when there was nobody there,” she said. Adding, “Last Sunday, I moved out of the way of a dog, but there was no dog in the pub on that day. One time when I closed the pub I made sure to lock all the windows shut but when I left I noticed that something had opened one of the top windows without anyone else being in the pub.”

She continued to relate other incidents to The Mirror.

“Staff have felt like somebody has been watching them. The cleaner saw somebody near the toilet door, but seconds later, there was nobody there.”

The activities of the spirits in the pub have increased in the past two weeks, according to Natasha, and she believes it could be due to a clairvoyant evening due to be held at the pub.

She said, “It has been creepy for the last two weeks normally, nothing has been bothering us, but we have a clairvoyant evening coming up. So I am just wondering if they are coming out because of that.”

The pub used to be a police station before it was converted – and during its time as a police station, it housed some pretty hardcore prisoners inside, Natasha said.

Check out the video and judge for yourself.