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Do Satellite Photos Reveal a Secret Chinese Submarine Base?

Unusual satellite photos have turned up online that reveal what appears to be a secret underground Chinese submarine base!

The rare photographs were originally released by the imaging company Planet Labs. They were later posted on Radio Free Asia’s social media accounts, and spread to many other social media platforms from there.

The pictures show what appears to be a Type 093 nuclear-powered attack submarine entering a “James Bond villain-like” tunnel to an underground entrance located on the Yulin Naval Base.

Drew Thompson, a former US Department of Defense official, told CNN it was an unusual sight. He said it was “unusual that a commercial satellite would be overhead at just the right time” on a cloudless day, snap the images and make them public.

The expert claimed that the mysterious underground base was a means of China covertly storing its military hardware – which included submarines and missile systems based inland. Thompson continued, “The Chinese have tremendous experience building underground facilities. It’s in keeping with their strategic culture”.

The Yulin base is located on the southern end of Hainan Island, some 300 miles southwest of Hong Kong. It is considered one of China’s key strategic outposts to protect its navy.

Mr. Thompson said that the country has a “large and growing submarine fleet”, which they are able to protect with underground facilities.

China officials have made no comment on the images.



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