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Discovery of Giant Green Bee Leaves the Internet Shocked

An Australian man left the Internet shocked after he discovered a giant green bee.

Indo Char posted the shocking image on the Amateur Entomology Australia page, seeking confirmation on the exact species of the bee after his friend spotted it in the Northern territory.

“Hi, I had this sent to me from a friend and we have a feeling it could possibly be a bee of some kind (carpenter bee perhaps),” he wrote.

“A second opinion would be appreciated… I am located in Darwin, NT,” he added.

Facebook users were quick to respond to the post.

One user said the bee is definitely a “male carpenter bee Xylocopa. We don’t have X pubescent in Australia.”

Another user agreed, saying it was “definitely a native Xylocopa (carpenter) bee.”

This is not the first time colorful bees have been spotted in Australia. In December of last year, blue-banded bees were spotted in every state except Tasmania.