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Did You Know Vodka Isn’t Just For Drinking?

Photo by <a href="">Tim Rüßmann</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

If you have a bottle of vodka that has been laying around your home but you have no intention of drinking, then these might be some of the best solutions on what to do with it.

1. Clean glasses

Vodka can be a great option for cleaning up your glasses. This can include any glasses that you might have around your home. All you have to do is mix one cup of vodka with a quarter cup of white vinegar and some water. Then add the solution to a spray bottle and start using it to clean your home and glasses. This solution will leave all of your glasses streak free.

2. Persistent Stain Remover

Red wine is the alcohol that stains the most, but removing this stain could be easy so long as you use vodka. All you will have to do is pour vodka on the stain. Then use a rag to soak up as much of the red wine as possible. You should always dab the stain, not rub it.

3. Kill weeds

Much like alcohol, and as vodka can help kill bugs, it can also be an effective weed killer. Dandelions, wild onions, and plantain weeds are only some of the weeds that you can get rid of with vodka. What’s even better is that spraying vodka on your weeds will not affect your grass at all.

4. Prolong your flowers life

If you recently bought a bouquet of flowers, then you should try to add a few drops of vodka to your case along with water. This will prolong the life of your flowers. If you want to extend their lives for as long as possible then you should switch out the mixture daily.