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Did NASA Direct Mars Rover to Purposely Destroy Mars “Dinosaur Skull?”

Did NASA scientists intentionally order a Rover that was exploring the surface of the Red Planet years ago, to destroy possible evidence of life on Mars?

Some think so!

Self-proclaimed “Alien Hunter” and UFO expert, Scott C Waring has made the astonishing claim on his blog. In the post, he makes the accusation about an anomaly he spotted in photos beamed back to earth by the Mars Rover named “Spirit.”

“I was looking through the old Spirit rover photos when I found a screaming face in the dirt. It looks like something resembling a small alien reptile skull crushed underneath the Mars Spirit rover’s tread marks.”

Mr. Waring proceeds to zoom-in on the Mars anomaly to gain a better look at the NASA photo, which is time-stamped April 24, 2004.

In the caption of his zoomed in picture (below) he wrote, “You can see it right there. It has an open mouth and probably possessed a bird-like beak.”

The apparent Mars anomaly is positioned just a few feet from the now burnt out and decommissioned Rover.

Waring continued in his blog, “NASA is supposed to be there to explore and discover new life and yet all they are really doing is running over it with their very expensive metal tires.”

Waring concludes, “To me, this looks like some part-reptilian, part bird-like alien skull. If I found this on Earth I would probably instantly think it is some sort of dinosaur skull from some kind of prehistoric reptilian animal. I mean, some of them had wings while others had feathers, beaks and claws, so who knows what [dinosaurs] had on Mars?”

Of course, it could also just be a rock.