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Did Daughter Catch Video of Ghost Attack on Dad?

There is no lack of video of alleged “ghostly encounters” on the interwebs. Most are easily dismissed as pranks, hoaxes, or misidentified natural phenomena. Still, there are those that do fall into the inexplicable, and bear some closer examination and thought. ‘

There is one such video currently making the viral rounds that seems to fall squarely into the latter category. The video was created by a young girl who claims to have caught the nightly attacks on her dad by a ghostly figure.

The girl claims that her father had been plagued with the feeling of something moving his sheets at night, so she set up a camera. What they saw on the footage has both the father and daughter terrified, and viewers wondering if it’s fake.

“My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night, so he set up a camera. This is what he saw,” the daughter, Shyann Rachael, shared on both Reddit and Twitter. “I’m freaked [the f***] out. Look at the sheets lifting up and what comes out of the side of it.”

Is It a Ghost, or Something Else?

The black-and-white webcam footage shows what appears to be a head-shaped figure creeping up into Shyann’s father’s bed — playing with his sheets, and then seemingly dissolving into thin air.

“Look really closely to the sheets lifting in the beginning on the left of the screen. That wasn’t him! He was dead asleep. And if you look really closely something shoots out of the sheet when it drops to the right and then disappears. It’s gray and kinda looks like a head!??” Shyann tweeted.

Plenty of users on Reddit were unnerved by the footage. One wrote, “I’ve watched several times now and cannot figure out how this could be faked … the way the sheets move and the way the thing/person the left just disappears … it’s so freaky.”

“Extremely creepy. The more times you watch the clip the stranger it gets,” another shared.

“Either this is completely staged, or one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen,” one person responded.

However, there are always plenty of non-believers as well.

“Yeah that’s definitely just the dad rolling over. He’s pushing the covers off his arm as he’s rolling over, making it look like a head is vanishing when really it’s just his arm,” one person said.

Another chimed in, “Just looks like he’s moving his arm and kicking his sheets out. I do believe in ghosts, but I can’t see anything paranormal in this video.”

Hoax? Ghostly visitation, or just a dad with restless leg syndrome?

Check out the video and you decide!