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Detroit Imam Teaches Responsible Wife-Beating

With the arrival of more resettled followers of Islam in the United States, it’s important to understand key differences between the eastern religion and its major western counterparts. Many of the beliefs held by Islam contradict western codes of law.

In Islam, women are second-class citizens – or worse. Men own women by marrying them. Men may have multiple wives (a practice called polygyny) but the opposite is not true – women may not engage in polyandry, taking more than one husband.

Men may treat their wives in ways western women would find horrifying. A Muslim woman charged with adultery may be stoned to death by shouting, hateful members of her village. Hands and heads really are cut off, depending on the offense. The religion as observed today is, in many places and cases, barbaric.

A case in point occurred in Michigan, earlier this year. On May 27, 2019, a video was uploaded to the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center’s YouTube channel which showed Imam Bassem al-Sheraa teaching a class at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center in Detroit. The Muslim religious leader explained that the purpose of the beating is to “clarify and remind the wife that she has misbehaved, and that it is only to be done when verbal admonishment and forsaking her in bed” have failed to change her disobedience – as defined by the man, her husband.

The imam was very careful to mention to the students that the corporeal reprimand should be administered using a sewak dental pick. No pain should be inflicted and no red marks should be left behind after a proper wife-beating – or, under Islamic law, the married man has to pay compensation.

Granted that these small oral sticks couldn’t deliver much of a blow but supporters and defenders of Islam overlook the fact that western men aren’t encouraged or allowed to beat women with any sort of appliance or under any circumstances.

Think about it: the Qu’uran teaches that a man should take an aggressive and possessive stance regarding his betrothed – or betrotheds. Western nations teach communication and cooperation between the sexes.

The Islamic imam underscored his religion’s regard of women as inferior to the men who make and enforce all the rules:

“It is just like when your child reaches to touch the electrical socket or a fire, what do you do? You go like that. It is just like when your child picks up something dangerous and is about to eat it. You hit his hand like that as a reminder. That is what ‘beating’ means.”

The Detroit Muslim teacher admitted that the “beating” is meant as a wifely punishment:

“What kind of beating does not cause pain? [The Prophet] said that the beating is meant to remind her that she has misbehaved in cases when words [of admonishment] do not make her change her ways. First, the husband follows ‘forsake them in bed.’ He turns his back to her. But what if she says: ‘I’m better off [like this]. I don’t want to see your face. Turn around’? He can snub her, refuse to talk to her.”

Liberals are avoiding this controversial topic – the inherent cultural conflict between Muslims (non-infidels) and everyone else (infidels) – by labeling anyone who questions Muslims religious teachings or practices “Islamaphobic” or “xenophobic” or “racist.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Muslim patriarchy is well-established and rules with an iron hand. Any religion that needs rules on wife-beating needs to be examined in the cold hard light of truthful day.

This isn’t the first time al-Sheraa has come under public scrutiny. He was criticized at the beginning of the year after an antisemitic lecture surfaced on January 27:

“Al-Sheraa said that the Jews have distorted sacred texts and sanctioned the killing of prophets such as Jesus and John the Baptist. He accused the Jews of employing tricks and fraud in matters of religion and morality, and of amassing gold and spreading usury.”

A report from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) indicated that the Detroit imam stressed that Jews have used their “peculiar philosophy” to achieve power and dominate the modern banking system. He charged Jewish women with a long history of founding and managing “dens of female iniquity” and claimed they operated brothels in Europe. He added that ” the Jews allow their faith to be passed down maternally so that their women could increase the Jewish population through prostitution.”

Local media ignored the story after a concerned Elder of Zion tweeted them the news who wondered:

“Perhaps the Detroit media is too cowed by the large Muslim population to want to touch the story?”

Bassem al-Sheraa immigrated to the U.S. from Iraq and refers to himself as Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin, a Shiite male authoritarian. Ryan Mauro directs the extremism watchdog group Clarion Intelligence Network and stated:

“Most Shiite Muslims in America oppose the Iranian regime, especially Iranians, but pro-regime figures hold the leadership positions. It is important for videos like this to be preserved for research purposes.”

U.S. citizens need to wake up to the fact that the federal and state governments are covering up the profound cultural impact that Muslim-majority communities are bringing to the United States. It’s time to wake up and smell the bacon, America.