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Desperate Strategy: Dems Contemplate Withholding Impeachment Articles from Senate

House Democratic lawmakers faced with a resounding “no confidence” from the Senate, are now devising a new strategy, in their continued attempt to usurp the Constitution.

Not content with politically weaponizing impeachment, and making a mockery out of a somber and sobering process, “nervous” Democrats are now considering withholding impeachment articles, after the full House votes on them, perhaps on Wednesday.

The brazen strategy purposed by a few panicky House Democrats is to vote on the two articles of impeachment against the President, however, refuse to send them to the Senate, where Republicans have already announced it will die a quick death.

Progressive Editor-in-Chief Charles Sykes, who runs a political website called “The Bulwark” reported on the new strategy being debated by Democrats within the House.

Leadership within the Republican Party have already indicated that they’ll quickly end the impeachment charade once the adults in the Senate take over

“House Democrats should treat these comments as game-changers,” Sykes states. Noting that there is “no requirement that the House immediately send the articles of impeachment to the Senate,” Sykes recommends that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi play her “final card.”

Some Senate Democrats are thinking about approaching Speaker Pelosi and asking her to withhold the articles of impeachment in the House, as leverage (BLACKMAIL) until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agrees to a trial in the Senate.

“If we don’t agree on a set of rules before the articles arrive over here, I think we’re cooked. I think McConnell has his people totally in line. It will be a procedural thing,” said one concerned Democratic senator.

However, President Trump has already indicated that he can go either “long” or “short” when it comes to the Senate.

While Democrats in the Senate actually believe that somehow they can salvage this kangaroo court by attempting to question the Presidents advisors and former cabinet members, which no doubt they would invoke “executive privilege” against testifying, while the Presidents counsel can call on Adam Schiff, the elusive “whistleblower,” former Ukraine officials as fact witnesses, along with former VP Joe Biden and son Hunter, regarding their dealings in Ukraine, all under oath. In short, be careful about what you wish for.

However, that real scenario has somehow eluted dysfunctional Democrats, regarding a Senate trial, to the point where Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday sent a letter to McConnell laying out a series of demands for a “fair” trial.

The letter in part reads; “In the trial of President Clinton, the House Managers were permitted to call witnesses, and it is clear that the Senate should hear the testimony of witnesses in this trial as well,” Schumer states in the three-page letter sent Sunday (below). “I propose, pursuant to our rules, that the Chief Justice on behalf of the Senate issue subpoenas for testimony by the following witnesses with direct knowledge of Administration decisions regarding the delay in security assistance funds to the government of Ukraine and the requests for certain investigations to be announced by the government of Ukraine: Robert Blair, Senior Advisor to the Acting White House Chief of Staff; Mick Mulvaney, Acting White House Chief of Staff; John Bolton, former National Security Advisor; and Michael Duffey, Associate Director for National Security, Office of Management and Budget.”

Schumer, of course, is in the minority, however, he “demands” something from the majority, which once again illustrates how dysfunctional Democrats are, they’re playing Russian roulette (excuse the pun), with all chambers loaded.