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“DEPORTM,” License Plate Has Liberal Teacher Freaking-Out

It appears that another progressive educator is mortified, upset, angry and outraged after viewing a Utah vanity license plate reading “DEPORTM.”

Matt Pacenza, a Salt Lake City English teacher was so taken back by someone’s approach to “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” that he decided to post a photo which he apparently took while driving (think about that), and posted it on Twitter and Facebook.

Accompanying the photo the anguished academic also included a question for the Utah DMV, “Hey Utah Driver License Division, how does this plate I just saw not violate your guidelines?”

Moreover, like-minded individuals began to respond to Pacenza’s postings, one individual characterising the plate caper as “offensive” another termed the license plate as “classless” while another (perhaps another teacher) referenced it  “horrific.”

Other Twitter users called the license plate “offensive,” “classless” and “horrific.” One Kansas-based author pointed out that Utah originally belonged to the natives.

One Kansas-based writer made a bizarre analogy, that Utah originally belonged to the natives, which seems somewhat perplexing, in that every state in the union at some point in history belonged to “natives.”

Others on social media wondered how the DMV in Utah could approve of the license plate, while others have predicated managed to somehow link President Trump to the controversy.

However, not everyone seemed disjointed by the license plate, citing free speech.

Daniel Thatcher a Republican state senator, said license plates are state-approved messages as opposed to personal speech, so different rules apply.

Thatcher went on to contend that “A private citizen has a first amendment right to say offensive things. The State does not, and has rules about license plates,” he said on Twitter.

Adding, “I believe those rules have been violated here.”

The senator then claimed that the license plate was somehow using “State resources to promote divisiveness and racism” and the state tax commission was investigating.

Utah lawmakers are scheduled on Wednesday to question the director of the DMV regarding the license plate.

Tammy Kikuchi, a spokeswoman for the tax commission, said “DEPORTM” was approved in 2015 when the department was under different leadership. Kikuchi declined to comment further on the case, saying it is now under review.

Meanwhile, Pacenza told the AP as he was driving he spotted the “DEPORTM” license plate on the road and snapped the photo, and then later checked online regarding state rules concerning “race, religious or political opinions.

Adding, “It did jump out at me. I was surprised by it. “What you find out right away is they do reject all kinds of plates.”

However one wonders if Pacenza along with those burning up social media condemning the as yet unidentified driver if they’re as outraged and emotionally distressed at the countless lives that have been taken and maimed by illegal aliens?

Moreover, if Pacenza ever checked the online website of Homeland Security, in particular, the just-released 2018 quarterly report concerning the arrests of illegal aliens inside the United States.

A stunning total of almost 60,000 known or suspected illegal aliens are in DOJ custody for a range of offenses as of the end of the first quarter of the Fiscal Year 2018.

Also according to DHS data, Texas, has booked over 250,000 criminal aliens currently in jails, from June 1st of 2011 through April 30th of 2018.

These criminal aliens were charged with more than 663,000 criminal offenses, which included 1,351 homicides, 7,156 sexual assaults, 9,938 weapons charges, 79,049 assaults, 18,685 burglaries, 79,900 drug charges, 815 kidnappings, 44,882 thefts, and 4,292 robberies, those figures are just in the Lone Star State, now just imagine the other 49 states.

One wonders if Utah lawmakers are as concerned for the victims of these heinous crimes as they about someone riding around with a license plate reading “DEPORTM.”

Even a snowflake liberal like teacher Matt Pacenza had second thoughts about the self-serving dust-up, he created tweeting.

“What an odd last couple days I have had! I’ll admit mixed feelings: I’m glad authorities agree this hateful message doesn’t belong on a license plate but aren’t there MUCH more important stories out there to cover, esp nationally?”

— Matt Pacenza (@mattpacenza) January 12, 2020