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Death By Dairy

There a lot of toxic foods on the shelves of our local markets.  Cheese is one of them.  Cheese is very addictive, fattening and causes severe health problems.  You risk your life continuing to eat cheese.  You may love it, but it most certainly doesn’t love you.

Dr. Neil Bernard is an activist, psychiatrist and best selling author of The Cheese Trap. Neil explains that most people believe that soda is the reason for our obesity epidemic.  Based on statistics from the U.S Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, since 1999 the amount of sweeteners consumed by Americans began to drop while cheese consumption continued to rise like bread.  Do you know what was rising right along with it?  Obesity.  Obesity followed cheese like a rat.

One gram of sugar, which is extremely small, equals four calories while one gram of fat equals eight calories.  Cheese gets 70% of its calories from fat!  Fat slows down muscle cells.  The cells in our body are programmed to store fat so when our bodies get influxes of fat, the cells like it and want to store that fat for some time of severe need.  It’s a natural built in survival technique.  So what the cells do in order to preserve fat is begin send signals to the mitochondria telling it to slow down their activity.  Cheese is naturally low in sodium during the process of actually producing cheese which is one of the reasons people get bloated after eating cheese.  The lack of sodium helps any partaker retain water.  Cheese is also fiberless and slows the metabolism down miserably.

Cheese is basically processed milk with bacteria added.  This is where that funky smell comes from.  In the process they add rennet.  Rennet is an enzyme found in the stomachs of dead newborn calves.  That’s kind of an oxymoron.  The whey is drained away as well as the water and what’s left is a block of cheese.  Salt is added later once the blocking process is completed.

Casomorphins are opioid peptides (protein fragments)  that are a by-product when making cheese but is knowingly left in the cheese.  For those unaware, heroin is also in the family of opiates.  So not only is your cheese unhealthy but it’s dope!  The USDA knows this.  There has been a marketing plan carried out by the fast food industry specifically to keep cheese on you palat.

Dr. Bernard has documented many tests which proves that by removing cheese or dairy in general from one’s diet it’s possible to reverse the effects of certain diseases and ailments.  He recalls a woman who suffered from endometriosis and was unable to bare children.  She removed cheese from her diet has no more symptoms of endo and is now a mother.  In The Hospital for Sick Children, London, 88 children suffering from severe migraines took part in a study.  They were simply put on a dairy elimination diet and soon 78 of the 88 children were headache free.  Milk and arthritis goes hand in hand.  In 1985 the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine diagnosed an 8 year old girl with rheumatoid arthritis.  She was told to get off dairy and the symptoms went away.  They only came back when she consumed dairy.  Period.

Alzheimer’s disease is also linked to the consumption of dairy as well.  The Chicago Health and Aging Project brought in hundreds of men and women to observe their diets over the course of a few years to see if any would develop Alzheimer’s disease.  What they found was the higher the fat content the greater the risk of getting the disease.

Now, the process of producing milk in this diabolical dairy industry is nefarious to say the least.  Totally inhumane.  We all know the old saying, “you are what you eat.” right?  We must consider the condition of how our food is processed and prepared for our consumption.  In my research I’ve found that female cows are artificially inseminated as early as 8-12 months of age.  The insemination is done repeatedly in order to keep the cow pregnant because this is the only time when the cow will be lactating in order to produce milk.  The cows are situated on what the industry calls  a ‘Rape Rack’ during this process.  Watching this process being done made me feel as if someone was being violated.  It teeters on the side of beastiality.  When the calf is born it’s immediately and abruptly snatched away from its mother.  These cows fight and cry for their abducted offspring just as a human mother would.

Puss and blood are found in the produced milk which does get filtered and pasteurized out, but not all of it.  The official standard allowance is 400 thousand somatic cells per milliliter in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.  In the United States, the USDA and the FDA allows 750 thousand somatic cells per milliliter and in Brazil it’s 1 million.  Now these somatic cells are basically white blood cells which is the same stuff that’s emitted from a zit or acne bump.  It’s puss.  Puss is home for disease incubation.  So, if you’re drinking milk you are consuming cow puss and the USDA and the FDA couldn’t give a hay.

The dairy industry spends a lot of money in marketing and paying for fake scientific studies also pocketing famous actors to endorse this discourse.  This is how the cabal gets it done.  They want you to keep you bowls full of milk with a wedge of cheese on the side.  Take a close look at what you’re eating.  It could be killing you. Be well.