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Death At Sea – Cruise Ship Killers!

It’s a dirty little secret that the major cruise lines would rather you did not know, but according to a new True Crime documentary series, a surprising number of people have been murdered while vacationing on cruise ships!

Thirty million people board cruise ships each year. While most people step on and off cruise ships without incident, deaths sometimes occur on board. According to Cruise Ship Killers, a new series on the True Crime Network, not all of the deaths on cruise ships are accidental or occur from medical issues or natural causes. 

According to the show, murders and otherwise unsolved but suspicious deaths have occurred more often than you might think aboard famed cruise ships.

The new series tells the stories of people who boarded a cruise for a vacation but never made it back alive. The show features murders aboard cruise ships and suspicious drownings and disappearances. Each episode is dedicated to an individual story, with expert commentary and, when possible, interviews with those closest to the victim.

Like most of the shows on the True Crime Network, Cruise Ship Killers offers viewers a dramatic reenactment of crimes ripped from the headlines. Behind every episode of the true-crime series is the real story of someone killed while on a cruise. 

However, the series does deviate from other true crime shows in one significant way. Cruise Ship Killers changes the names of the victims. Also, not all of the tales told on the show are modern murders, either. The series has featured crimes that occurred in the early 1900s, as well as murders that happened closer to the present day. 

Death due to “natural causes” or medical emergencies is not that uncommon on modern cruise ships, particularly since they tend to appeal to seniors and retirees. However, not every passenger who has met their maker on a cruise, has died of natural causes or illnesses. Some die in accidents or by suicide. A handful of people die each year at the hands of another person or go missing under suspicious circumstances. Those are the stories that are told on Cruise Ship Killers.