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Dead Snake Comes Back to Life After Man Picks It Up

Snake Sitting On Table

A snake catcher had the scare of his life when a “dead” snake came back to life in his hands.

Stuart McKenzie, from Queensland, Australia, was called out to a golf course to catch a red belly snake.

He discovered the snake lying on its back under a bucket. It’s head was “squashed,” so he believed it was dead.

But when he picked it up, the snake started wiggling around after somehow making a miraculous recovery.

In the video that McKenzie shared to Facebook, the dark-colored snake can be seen lying on a kitchen counter while he stands next to it.

McKenzie said the snake was close to being put in a plastic bag and thrown in the trash.

“This is unbelievable! Today we attended a business to catch a small Red Belly on the move inside the building. It wasn’t moving very fast so they ended up putting a large container over the top of it,” a post from McKenzie states.

“When I arrived unfortunately the edge of the container had been placed on the snake’s head and it wasn’t alive… or so I thought,” the post continues.

“I took the little snake home and was walking around with it in my hands thinking it was dead. I put it on my kitchen table to show my wife… when suddenly I noticed the slightest movement. To my shock and excitement the little Red Belly was coming back to life before our eyes,” he said.

“The little snake is not out of the woods yet and we are going to get it vet checked but things are looking good! Reptiles are such resilient creatures!”

Since it was shared, the video has been viewed thousands of times. Hundreds commented to share their amazement.

“Love it he is so lucky to have a second chance of life,” one user said.

“Wow! That was amazing! He really is a beautiful snake,” another said.

“Must have been unconscious, glad to see him up and about,” another added.”