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Darling 90-Year-Old Couple Still Hangs Lights To Spread Christmas Cheer

A home in Faulkner County in Arkansas is drawing quite a crowd for their large Christmas display each year. However most people don’t expect the couple stringing all of the lights and decorations to be in their 90’s.

“Anyone can ask me where we live and we’ll say it’s Saltillo where all the lights are and they know just exactly where that is,” Dymple said.

He is 93 and she is 91.  Looking at the giant Frosty the Snowman and the hundreds of twinkling lights, one may wonder how they can string it all together year after year.

“We work two or three hours a day,” Jimmy said.

Some of their tricks, we do not advise anyone tries themselves.

“He picks me up in the tractor loader and I hang the tall ones up,” Dymple said.

It is a lot of effort to brighten this small community but from the colorful arch to the decorated trees, each bulb in the display shines light on the true reason for the season.

“It is Christ’s birthday and we put these lights up in honor of him,” Dymple said.

The lights are at 558 AR-Highway 286 East of Conway. They will stay up until the New Year.

You can read more from our friends at KNWA.

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