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D.U.M.Bs: Deep Underground Military Bases

Is the military and your government hiding something?  The answer may be right beneath your feet.  Literally.  Deep Underground Military Bases, or D.U.M.Bs for short, have been a topic of discussion for those concerned with covert military and government activity as it relates to Black Budgets.  Government officials have denied the existence of D.U.M.Bs but the following is the definition of a Deep Underground Military Bases is:

A military built facility capable of housing hundreds of people, storing large equipment, hazardous materials or advanced tech as well as laboratories.  Most commonly used to keep research and certain property out of the public eye.  It is one of the most highly secure methods to concealing property or research due to the structural integrity of such complexes.  They are often built with more than one floor level for compartmentalization.  Mostly built inside of and contained in rock formations like mountains, mesas, hills and plateaus.  There have been just a few people in special positions in government and the military that have come out publicly about these bases.  One of these people is Phil Schneider.

Phil Schneider was the son of Oscar Otto Schneider.  Oscar had top-secret military clearance due to his involvement in black projects while serving as a captain in the U.S. Navy.  Previously, Oscar Schneider was a U-boat captain for The Third Reich. Phil was first told this fact two weeks before his father’s death.  While trying to escape, Oscar was captured by the French during the 2nd world war.  Oscar was also a master machinist who later became a medical doctor and was part of the Aerospace Medical Group of the US Navy.  Project Paperclip is a secret US government operation that went down after Hitler’s defeat where some of the top scientist and physicist from Germany were smuggled from Europe and relocated.  One of which being Argentina.  These men were brought to America later to help push America forward in the space race and with the creation of nuclear weaponry.

Phil traveled a lot of his father as a child due to him being in the Navy and the nature of the projects he Oscar was involved in.  One day, Phil was given some type of metal said to be used to build alien spacecraft from someone working on one of the top-secret sites.  His father didn’t approve of it.  This material cannot be found anywhere on Earth.  Phil is said to have an I.Q. of 163.  He was a bright young man.  With his father having top secret security clearance in the Navy, it’s not hard to see how Phil Schneider began to be recruited and involved in black projects himself.  It was just a matter of time.

Prior to the Groom Lake Dulce incident, Phil worked as a rock engineer for EG&G, a defense contractor, where he built underground military bases.  He says they go for hundreds of miles.  Phil says that the government spends $1.023 trillion every two years on black budgets.  The average tunnel length is 4 ¼ cubic miles and since 1940 they have been being built in secret.  There are said to be over 129 D.U.M.Bs interconnected for thousands of miles all across the US.

In late August, 1979 in Dulce, New Mexico, Phil came upon the drilling encampment where he would be working drilling tunnels for the military.  Something seemed odd because he witnessed military Green, Red and Black Berets at the geologist encampment which was unusual.  Once they began drilling they drilled through a pre-existing tunnel.  A dark smoke came out of the tunnel accompanied by a very foul stench.  A scene straight from Hades.

The hell broke loose when Phil was lowered into the hole via a basket.  This is when he got the shock of his life.  He was scared out of his wits when he saw only a few feet away from him a 7 foot tall Grey Alien.  They apparently drilled holes directly on top of the Aliens internal base.  Phil immediately went for his Walther PPK pistol which was hard to do since he was in a special suit which is mandatory on digs such as this one.  He shot dead two aliens and was blasted in the chest by a blue beam said to be a charged particle beam which split him open.  Phil’s toenails were burned off, he lost a few fingers and fused some of his ribs together.  He was saved by a Green Beret who lost his life in the melee.  Sixty-six military personal, secret service agents, etc. lost their lives.  That faith-filled day.

Phil Schneider is a whistleblower and an American patriot.  In 1995, Phil came out giving full disclosure of what he feels is a government cover-up. Did the government have full knowledge of this ancient alien encampment?  Are they responsible for the lives of these sixty-six US citizens that died that day?  Maybe these are some of the questions that need to be answered.