Coronavirus relief bill includes funding for immigrants…

Americans were surely relieved when the House passed the $2 trillion assistance bill to provide citizens with some protection from the economic ravages being wrought by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But what they may not know is that a substantial part of that sum is going to be spent on helping non-Americans – i.e., immigrants and so-called ‘refugees’.

The bill, which is the largest spending bill in American history, includes a provision which provides $350 million for “Migrant and Refugee Assistance” to the US State Department.

House Republicans objected to a number of the provisions in the original bill and several were removed from the version that was ultimately passed, but what is odd is that the Migrant and Refugee Assistance funding was actually increased from $300 million to $350 million as the bill evolved through negotiations, according to a report by Fox News.

Matt Gaetz, a Republican Congressman representing Florida’s first district, objected to the provision in a tweet. “Millions of Americans need help now,” he wrote. “Dangerous poison pills like $350,000,000 for ‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’ put America LAST. Democrats: This is not the time to advance your legislative agenda. This is the time to put #AmericaFirst.”

The bill also awards $25 million to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, and $75 million each to the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. (In the original version of the bill, both were to receive $300 million each.)

It’s unclear how the House believes that providing funding for immigrants helps Americans in their time of crisis. Indeed, given that the coronavirus first appeared in China, it was immigration which brought the virus to America in the first place. But it’s no secret that there are many in the US government who have goals other than looking after the interests of American citizens as their top priorities.

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45 Replies to “Coronavirus relief bill includes funding for immigrants…”

  1. Audrey Jane Spaulding

    We need a list of those that voted to have Migrants listed as being recipients of any money at all. No way.
    Americans are hurting and these People can just pack their bags and go back to where they came from. They just discovered another tunnel built by Mexico. They don’t pay Taxes and they should not be getting anything. Go back to where you came from. Your not migrants your leeches. You have gotten everything for free in America. You do not deserve to be included in this The Democrats are going to be damn sorry when November shows up. You will not like it when you are shut down. Your all a bunch of ignorant Leeches. AJs.

  2. Judy Ramsey

    That is wrong! We have millions of Americans out of work and we have a medical system that is taxed with a pandemic. We are NOT able to meet our own needs as a nation! We have borrowed more than 2 trillion dollars. We need to take care of us first so that we can help others. Lock Pelosi Shumer up for treason!

  3. Jack

    This obvious Democratic horseshit has to stop it is simply put blackmail by liberal assholes. This money should be spent on AMERICANS ONLY!!! Between the critically poor and the homeless population every nickle is sorely needed to take care of our own. The illegal scum broke our laws, terrorize our citizens and often rob, rape and murder OUR citizens. I’ll be the first to welcome anyone from anywhere that comes here legally and does all they can to stand on their own 2 feet without looking for government handouts. As to those that circumvented our laws to get her all I can say is FUCK THEM ALL!

  4. Dan Miller

    I hope President Trump signs a executive order stripping all the pork out the bill and send it the SBA,or the other programs that is in the bill.

  5. Howard Taylor

    This is a bunch of B.S. $25 million to performing arts, $75 million arts endowment,and migration and refugee assistance gets millions. Its about time that congress and the house start thinking about the American citizens.

  6. Pat Henry

    There are good reasons why money has to go toward immigrants, even if they are undocumented. Given that they are here, you want them to be healthy and not to spread the coronavirus to the rest of us. And secondly, they provide services to us that American citizens don’t want to provide. If they were to be kicked out, the fruits and vegetables would rot in the fields and on the trees, and the supply of meat from farm to the supermarkets would be seriously disrupted. Like it or not, we depend on people from other countries who come into ours to do the work that we don’t want to do.

  7. Delta Patterson

    No i don t believe if they are here illeagly. they already get food stamps housing and other perks for not being a US citizen they get with there made up numbers and fill out a form , from IRS for earned income credit at the tune of 24,000 dollars. im a US citizen and in all the years i ve filed income taxes i ve never gotten that much ever.So ,No they really shuoldn t get any thing.

  8. Danley

    I don’t understand how Democrats in Congress have so much power that they can continually override Republicans in Congress and put Americans on the back burner!!

  9. Robert Jenkin

    I would rather not give any money out for the riders attachedvto the bill. Why can’t Washington Politicians pass a clean bill . Sham on Nancy and her following minions of the dark side.

  10. JoeyP

    SHOOT this Socialist/Communist bill DOWN . . .IN FLAMES! There is NO reason to take care of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. SHIP them BACK where they CAME from. NO IFs, ANDs or BUTs. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Sharon Scott

    Without our immigrants, where would we be??? Who do you think is going to make your bed when you’re staying at that luxury hotel? Who’s going to pick your vegetables and fruit? Who’s going to do your gardening? Surely NOT the entitled Americans! I’m ALL FOR taking care of our immigrants. They deserve the money and our respect and thanks!!!!

  12. Sharon Scott

    What happened to MY reply? I realize mine was the ONLY response indicating that I felt immigrants deserve this money due to their work ethic and what they do to make the entitled Americans lives easier. I didn’t really think you’d report it, since you obviously are Trumpettes! Make America Great Again…get rid of Trump!!!!

  13. Stephen Milkereit

    It figures Democrats would do this. They continue to rape americans and america. F America and Americans. Lets rape and steal so we can get rich. Anti American, Communist, asshole thinking from Demoratasses is always their thinking. I doubt any demorat even cares about anyone else including fellow demorast. Probably screw their own parents. I would love the chance to tell them in person what good kind loving Christians think about them. I bet not one democrat believes in GOD. Be fun to line them up on the firing line and use them for sighting in my gun. 😁👍

  14. Bonnie Thompson

    This is great my daughter has no money laid off first March can not get in system get her unemployment no food for her and my grandson nothing if I was not alive be on streets she is American citizen so by all means forget about us and let us help everyone else.

  15. Tom Ball

    I am a Vietnam vet we need to take care of America we’ve taken care of everyone else let’s keep it in our borders.

  16. robert gagliardi

    We the people will never be told the truth as it happens. We All learn the hard way years later when we can’t do anything to correct it !!!!! It’s the Game the Elites have played on its Citizenry for Decades!!!!! Most Citizens are too distracted to care much less do anything about it!!!!!

  17. James Morgan

    Well, I for one support the money for illegal aliens. While I also support 100% deportation, when an illegal alien is in the country and has an emergency health problem, what do you expect a hospital to do? Turn the person away? No, they treat them as best they can. The money should be used to reimburse the hospital for their services in these cases, including for the virus.



  19. SweetLadyMary

    This is more than disgusting. Illegals should not get one penny or social services from this government. It has been the case with both parties that they have done nothing to stem the tide of illegals nor have they made it more difficult for them to get benefits that should be reserved for Americans. Vote for people that you know will bring about change in November. By change I don’t mean the Obama type change but a change in our laws that will end birthright citizenship, end the VISA lottery, end chain migration, no DACA forgiveness, and absolutely no benefits for illegals . Implement E-Verify in all states. If people want to come into this country that they have to be self-supporting and they must have a career that will enhance the U.S.

  20. Amy

    There should be no relief help for ILLEGAL immigrants. They deserve a kick in the backside and return to their own countries.

  21. Suzanne

    I’m so angry that The elected official we chose… choose to help illegal immigrants now at the most devastating time of my 55 years as a American who has played by YOUR RULES and now you should be ashamed of yourself.. I’m disgusted at our Goverment.. thank God for the kindness of my fellow Americans

  22. lisalles

    i am against illegal immigration. I am for the wall. However. the illegals that are here now have to be taken care of. If you dont support the illegals that are here now, they will be forced to move around…they will not get proper medical care. They will be more likely to spread the virus. You can not evict them which would put them on the street. You can not starve them which would force them to work or steal. You have to take care of them. And when this crisis is over, you deport them and send their government the bill for their care. And if they dont pay, deduct it from their foreign aid check. And if the courts find they are truly a refugee and not a here for economics, then waive the money we spent on them.

  23. Jeanette Pellman

    Nothing for the performing arts and humanities should have been included in this bill. Unrelated items should NOT be added to a bill.

  24. Susan

    It’s time to stop Pelosi and her buddies I’m tired of her wasting tax dollars on her agendas that are not Essential for the American people get them out of office impeach or whatever needs to be done. People are hungry and dying and she is not a Catholic that she claims she is if she’s doing all this. This is sucking. She is the one that needs to be put in her place.

  25. Bob R

    with these anti-american good for nothing dumbocrats, nothing surprises me. pelosi and her gang of followers need to go to hell

  26. Connie Boone


  27. Caty

    It’s good to help those who need help, but, it’s not that they really worry about their well being! Yes, Democrats want the Bill to cover illegals, because they want their votes to make the USA A socialist country, it’s not that they worry or care about them, they need them to try to win the next elections. They don’t care about America First, they just want America Socialist, so they turn it like Venezuela, but they’ll be the “most important people, because they are the ones with the money and the ones who will decide whatever they want to do with the ones that are not wealthy. Well have to stand on line to get a pound of bread or a piece of meat, but they’ll live like kings! Americans will not be able say anything at all, they’ll just have to accept whatever the kings and queens decide! I don’t think a lot of people would like that, but no one will be able to complain, because he’ll regret it forever!!

  28. Yvonne

    I think this a disgrace. But what do you expect from the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi loves free workers. She has them at her compound. Why do you think they want open border.

  29. Sharon Scott

    BOGUS!!! They will only print your response if you’re a Trump supporter! How dispicable!!! What are you losers afraid of?….

  30. Joseph Kinge

    There’s a big difference between our immigrant ancestors who came here and built America into the great nation that it is, and the present immigrants who come to America to get free food, medicine, shooling, and welfare!!

  31. Roger D Looney

    Could someone please explain to me why in the hell has the government which we elected to serve U.S citizens constantly doing crap that We the People do not agree with. I don’t want one single dollar to be spent on immigrants or refugees, as I am sure most of the U.S population would agree with. Our tax dollars paid in has never been intended to be spent on sending it out of the United State to help anyone. It has never been intended to be spent on fixing other country’s problems or for what they are doing with it now.
    Where in the hell did the people we elected ever get the notion that We the People pay taxes so that they can grease the cogs for deals they make with other country’s? Our tax dollars are supposed to be spent on things right here in our own country. If they wish to make deals with other country’s then they can do it with a handshake, but screw spending tons of our dollars on doing so. And it sure would be nice if we could find a way to keep their own greedy little hands out of the till.

  32. Cycleberg

    I could probably agree to immigrants getting some aid PROVIDED THAT they get registered, get their green card, SSN and pay taxes and maybe even commit to learning English.

  33. Andrew

    Deport them do not support them. Illegals are entitled to nothing and owed nothing. The only thing they should be given is a one way ticket back to their home country.

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