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Coronavirus is Only the Beginning of the “End of the World”

A well-known psychic says that the coronavirus is only the beginning of a sequence of plagues and apocalyptic events that will trigger the end of the world.

Preppers know it as “TEOTWAWKI,” an acronym for “The End of the World as We Know It,” and according to a popular UK psychic, COVID-19 is the start of that process.

Known only as “Mr. Aujula,” the London based medium says he “felt a sense of gloom” after first learning news of the deadly outbreak. Mr Aujula announced he started experiencing visions of the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018 – a full year before the first reports of victims from Wuhan, China.

The psychic believes the deadly virus, which as of this writing has claimed the lives of 16,000 people and affected more than 350,000 people around the world, could be the first stage of the apocalypse.

However, if it provides any consolation, Aujula says he believes the end of the world will be “a long, slow decline and is unlikely to occur in our lifetimes.”

He told the London paper, the Daily Mirror, “These visions came in late 2018. I remember being aware of a virus like outbreak that would affect the world. I was aware that it came from livestock animals and saw the words ‘influenza’ came to mind as clear as day at the time.”

“These words have always stuck with me as it’s not a word in my usual everyday vocabulary. Months later in March of 2018, I also again saw this unfold in a dream that left me feeling uneasy upon waking up. So when the coronavirus started affecting those in China in late 2019 that’s when it all came flooding back.”

“When you’re in the moment of getting these visions”, he explained, “It’s just a thought an image at the point in time that you glimpse for a moment, it leaves and then you continue with everyday life. It’s only when you’re seeing it all happen around you that you realize [it is what you saw] and the impact and reality of how it is affecting people’s life.”

Mr. Aujula claims when learning of an outbreak in Wuhan he remembered his vision and knew the virus would spread around the world. He expects things to get a lot worse and he urges governments to do more to contain the outbreak.

He told the Mirror, “The government needs to step up its action to stop the spread of the virus as it is the old and vulnerable who are most at risk. May until October can be real tipping point of climax so the worst is yet to come.”

He continued, “Expect further restrictions that affect our daily lives, businesses will suffer and the economy will stall.”

The self-proclaimed psychic also eerily predicts that healthcare service in Britain and in America will fail, after being overwhelmed by coronavirus patients.

He says the health crisis will spark a political one. “What is going on could also bring loss of confidence and a change in UK government, we could see a leadership contest in Downing Street way before the next election. People will die from this but we could learn from this that it is important to work together with others and other countries rather than be separated.”

But rather than a sense of dread, Mr. Aujula wants to leave people with one of peace and tranquility over the coming Apocalypse.

“In my eyes there is no death … the soul lives on beyond the physical so it’s the fear of death that is really the root of the panic,” he said.