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Convicted Serial Killer Accomplice Moves In Causing An Uproar In Community

A Montana community has expressed fear and anger to local authorities as a woman convicted as an accomplice to the notorious “Toy Box Killer” is allowed to move into their neighborhood!

Over 20 years ago, a suspected serial killer in New Mexico was convicted for his crimes, which included torture, rape, and kidnapping.

While those crimes were states away, the issue has landed in Western Montana as local TV affiliate KPAX reports that the suspected killer’s accomplice now lives in the Bitterroot, an area on the western border of Montana, beginning directly south of the city of Missoula and stretching to the Idaho border.

The station and local newspapers have received numerous messages asking about Cynthia Hendy, a convicted accomplice to David Parker Ray, known as the “Toy Box Killer.”

Ray was convicted of kidnapping, rape, and torture in New Mexico in 2000. He is also suspected of having killed dozens of his victims. He died in prison in 2002.

Hendy now lives in Hamilton, Montana, after serving 18 years in New Mexico for her involvement. Hamilton community members expressed frustration and worry on social media about having Hendy live close to a local school.

In Montana, offenders can register as sexual or violent offenders or both. When registering, there are multiple tiers in which they fall into based on what their sentencing judge assigns them.

Think of it as a scale. Offenders at the bottom of the scale do not have limits on where they can live. But offenders at the top must follow certain laws with these restrictions.

If the crime does not occur in Montana but the convicted offender moves to the state, Montana law can adopt the level assigned by the sentencing judge. In this case, Hendy is at the bottom of the scale. Therefore, there is no law prohibiting where she can live.

Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton confirmed to KPAX News that Hendy is registered and has been in compliance since her move to Montana.

Holton says there are other sexual and violent offenders who live in Western Montana. 

You can find out about sex offenders or sexual predators who may be living near you by accessing the FBI’s database.