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Church Shooting: Anti-Gun Priest Prefers Carnage over Saving Lives

In the aftermath of the recent Texas shooting at West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement, Texas, where a deranged gunmen on Sunday, sitting in a front pew in a side row, suddenly rose from his seat pulled out a shotgun hidden under his coat and began firing, the blast hitting one parishioner square in the chest, he then turned and fired a second time, instantly killing his second victim.

Moments later the assailant was down from a single shot fired by Jack Wilson, the head of the security detail for the church, who immediately sprang into action the moment the gunmen open fired.

The deranged individual, identified as 43-year old Thomas Kinnunen from River Oaks, died moments later.

Wilson and his security team in which two of his men Richard White, 67, of River Oaks and Anton Wallace, 64, of Fort Worth were killed, was hailed as a hero, for stopping what could have been a much wider tragedy.

Wallace was serving communion when the suspect approached him twice before the gunfire rang out.

Appearing on NBC News, Wilson reiterated the moment leading up to the shooting, “When he (the assailant), sat back down the second time, shortly after that, he stood up, turned, and produced a shotgun.”

The surreal shootout was captured on a security video graphically capturing the violent confrontation and its aftermath, which instantly when viral on social media.

Hours after the video depicting the shootout was broadcast by all the major networks, houses of worship around the country began to respond on newscasts and on social media regarding incident in Texas, many began to question their own security measure and others seriously began considering their own armed security detail, moreover voicing support for Wilson, for bravely taking down the shooter.

However not everyone was pleased with the outcome, many on the left condemned the use of firearms within a church setting, preferring instead to have law enforcement confront the shooter, even if it meant more bloodshed.

One of those individuals is an anti Second Amendment Catholic priest who took to twitter soon after the church shooting in Texas.

For the record “Father” Jeremy Zipple, is the associate pastor of St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Belize City and former executive editor of America Magazine. Soon after the church shooting hit the airwaves Father Zipple responded on twitter, with a not so veiled condemnation.

“And some will say that’s imprudent and foolish and I’ll say, but where are the fools for Christ? And who said the gospel was supposed to be easy?”

— Jeremy Zipple (@jzipple) December 31, 2019

His reverence to the gospel, if you’re a Christian and in particular a Catholic, in regards to suffering, thus Father Zipple seems extremely comfortable, in following scripture, in turning the other cheek and allowing evil to shoot-up a church without defending his parishioners.

Not even the possible deaths of people in or near the church could justify arming his congregation, Zipple seemed to suggest.

“This Fri we’ll bury a 16-yr-old girl gunned down across the street from our church. 3 yrs ago our pastor was held at gunpoint in the churchyard,” Zipple tweeted on Monday. “But we’ll not permit guns in our church. Some Christians gotta be bold & say no more killing & we trust God enough to take care of the rest.”

In another tweet, Zipple anticipated objections from people who would accuse him of being “imprudent and foolish.”

Zipple also revealed the church had buried “eight parishioners under the age of 30 this year who were all victims of gun violence.”

“Guns in every church! Jesus must be so proud of modern-day America,” Zipple said on Tuesday in a tongue-in-cheek reply to an NRA tweet praising the “good guy with a gun” who had stopped the White Settlement shooter.