Survival Update

The world is yours

Choosing A Shelter Location

If you find yourself stuck in the wilderness, would you know where to settle down and build shelter? Knowing where and how to build it is vital for your survival. No matter what tools or supplies you have with you, it won’t matter if you don’t bunker down in a proper spot.


Building materials.

If you plan on using natural supplies for your shelter, pick a spot near the supplies so you don’t exhaust yourself carrying heavy woods and logs a far distance. Try to find a spot that’s close to a clean water supply as well so you can minimize the travel you do for resources.


Choosing a natural cave is also an option for survivalists, and some people even choose to gather rocks to form a wind break near the entrance of the shelter. Or, you could settle down under a large tree, but be careful not to build a fire near the roots of the tree. It only takes one fire to burn down an entire tree, something you definitely want to avoid when alone in the woods.



Avoid any areas where you spot large, dead branches. This means these branches have fallen, and more could fall on you while you sleep below. Also be sure to check for any large areas of water. If your shelter location collects water, you could be sleeping on a potential river when the rain starts to pour. Look out for dangerous wildlife that may be angry you’re disturbing their area, or for poison ivy that you could accidentally walk into in the middle of the night.


Shelter direction

Pay attention to how your shelter faces the sun. Do you want to sleep in peacefully without the light waking you up? Make these decisions before you decide on a permanent location. Position your fire based on the direction of the wind as well. Be sure to create some sort of ventilation so the fire is not positioned to blow directly in your face as you sleep.