Chinese Communists: America is a “Defeated Power”

The Chinese Communist Party is feeling increasingly successful due to the economic destruction the Covid-19 pandemic, that originated in Wuhan, China, has caused.

“China’s Communist Party, under its leader, Xi Jinping, has promoted the idea that the country is on a trajectory to power past Western rivals,” according to a New York Times report.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda says Western countries, especially the United States, are crippled by the virus. A retired Chinese general even said the United States is a “defeated power” in the “fight against the pandemic.”

The New York Times reports says:

“China stamped out the coronavirus, the messaging goes, with a resolve beyond the reach of flailing Western democracies. Beijing has rolled out homegrown vaccines to more than a million people, despite the safety concerns of scientists. China’s economy has revived, defying fears of a deep slump from the pandemic.

‘In this fight against the pandemic, there will be victorious powers and defeated ones,’ Wang Xiangsui, a retired Chinese senior colonel who teaches at a university in Beijing, averred this month. ‘We’re a victor power, while the United States is still mired and, I think, may well become a defeated power.’

The firm leadership of Mr. Xi and the party has earned China its recent success, say newspapers, television programs and social media.

‘Time to wake up from blind faith in the Western system,’ said a commentary in the state-run China Education News last week. ‘Vicious partisan fighting has worsened in certain Western countries, social fissures have deepened, and a severe social crisis is brewing.'”

The communist leader of China, Xi Jinping, “sees China and the United States as locked in ideological rivalry,” the Times stated. “Since coming to power in 2012, he has called for Chinese schools, textbooks and websites to inoculate youth against Western values that could erode party rule and the country’s ‘cultural self-confidence.’”

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28 Replies to “Chinese Communists: America is a “Defeated Power””

  1. Dan

    If Joe Biden takes the oval office next month I’d have to agree with this article. We learned that over 95% of our pharmaceuticals were manufactured in China during this pandemic. Who would have thought? They can control if we live or die. Our politicians sold us out for the sake of their own fortunes. Somehow though they’ll be the first to be executed when China invades. Donald Trump has done what no other President could do. We’re energy independent, he organized big pharma to come up with a Covid vaccine in record time. So many positives during his 4 years despite his attacks from the jealous elites exposed by the President for their inept actions. Joe Biden is corrupt, he’s a racist and has no one’s interest except his own. Just wait America, if this crook is sworn in, watch your freedoms disappear very quickly….

  2. Nikki

    Well, they have pulled a silent coup on the US. So far it has been bloodless, but……. the puppets have all been paid to line everything up for the take over. Why the railroads built under Obama and Biden into the desert? Why BUILD BACK BETTER and the Dems said NOT ONE WORD about it. Why did they put an empty suit and a naricisstic wife at the head to set things up for the black female Communist that nobody wanted in the first place. Isn’t it funny how they all stayed, or moved, to DC after the first black was not followed by his golden girl. Why has the Nazi been running the show with all his money. Now all the fakes with the money moved into power positions. They have rigged the elections, both against Trump and the Republicans and the coup is almost complete. All in less than a year. One old doctor ran the show and is elected to the top of the heap. No Democrat has suffered from the Chinese virus. Doesn’t anyone find that interesting. Wake up Americans! Our future is gone as well as our freedom unless we rise up now!

  3. Bruce David

    I’ve warned for a decade how devious China is & how Congress critters ignore them at our collective peril, Now we have China puppet in the form of Biden ready to finalize the gutting of America.

  4. Dick

    Dear China, You might not want to count your chickens before they hatch. Democracies may be a little slow getting started but once their minds are set on a task, there is nothing in the world that will keep them from succeeding. We look forward to working with China to solve our common problems. Happy Holidays.

  5. JB Andrews

    The world needs to be reminded the real history of Mao and his murder of millions of his own supporters and tens of millions of common Chinese people in his rise to power. And we have goofballs in this country who revere Mao…like Obama and thousands of misguided American college kids !!

  6. Bill

    I dont agree with anything China has said . But what will they do in a very short number of years IF THEY MIGHT BE ACCURATE, The US is the largest consumer of imported goods and the most helpful in disasters anywhere in the world plus we fund and man military posts in a gret many countries helping maintain peace and producing a large boost to the local economies. With America not able to do this, ( the first year or so would be easy for any dominating power to suck the wealth from the country but after the first year they would unable to continue this, Instead Americans are taught to think for ourselves and wont accept a goverrnment fully managed economy ( TOP DOWN RULE). Without the American consumer buying the rest of the worlds exports they all will implode ! (PLUS WE ARE THE BEST ARMED CIVIL POPULATION IN THE WORLD, CHINA SHOULD KNOW THIS THEY HAVE SAID THE US WOULD BE A FEARFUL ENEMY BECAUSE OF OUR MILITARY BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THE NUMBER OF ARMS IN THE CIVIL POPULATION ! aNY QUESTION WHY THE DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST PARTY IS HELL BENT ON GETTING CIVILIAN WEAPONS AWAY FROM US. . .DONT COMPLY ! ! !

  7. Robert M

    Of course the Chinese leadership is going to say that, it’s part of the propaganda machinery that keeps people in their country believing that the government is actually succeeding in taking over the world. You saw the same exact thing in North Korea, if anyone disagreed with the party line they were dealt with severely or executed.
    China is heading for military conflict with the United States. They will need to hit us with an EMP first to knock out most of our communications and leave people stranded and frightened first. Prepare yourself accordingly, don’t rely on the government to rescue you, you are your own cavalry, if the government does show up, all the better but don’t rely on it.

  8. Robert M

    When Iran got out of line we sanctioned them, When Russia got out of line we sanctioned them.
    It’s high time we quit dealing with China and sanction them! We have been getting weaker and weaker while China has been getting stronger and stronger, it’s all financial.

  9. Thomas Sima

    China imports 90% of its petroleum and has no natural resources only 1.5 billions mouths to feed.

    And 1.4 billion of those mouths are repressed by a brutal self serving regime surrounded by enemies….
    That is a recipe for prompt and utter destruction….

  10. Joyousone

    That will never happen in America .. we’re a lot stronger than China mistakenly believes. We are fighting the virus and all their ways of trying to defeat us. They don’t get the Patriotism they have awaken in our country and that we will fight tyranny and Communism and anything else wanting to hurt our beloved country. How they don’t care about their own people w/vaccines they don’t know or care about deadly side affects, we do and that’s one thing we have over them. Belief in our God above and of most of the people in the USA wanting only the best for its citizens. We shall overcome evil until the last breath we take and even kick a little afterwards. Throughout our history, patriotism has won many a battle whether in wartime or everyday living and we will continue our fight against evil in any shape it takes. God Bless America🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Gabacho loco

      With the current Chinese chigger virus coup going on with China Joe and Kamala the ho in this country I’d say we’re already at that fucking level being led by a bunch of brain dead China bots

  11. Jim Reid

    I totally agree with you Dan If biden gets in its goodbye America.The US needs to eradicate the like of gates and the rothschilds are they are behind this scamdemic also. They should be arrested and tried for treason as far as Im concerned and the sooner the better President Trump get back in power and rids the US of these vermin.

  12. Marcus Costello

    I don’t believe the United States is a defeated power but it’s been clear for decades that the USA is a power in decline.
    I believe the United States’ handling of the Coronavirus pandemic from the Trump Administration to the American people has been a total disaster and failure.
    The Chinese Communist party along with nations such as Russia, Iran, and North Korea no question is wiping the floor with the United States and other western democratic nations in the propaganda wars.
    What bothers me is that the US and its people are ok with it.
    Though I voted for Joe Biden and is happy he won over the maniacal Donald Trump, I believe he will be only a one term president and will unfortunately be mostly ineffective. Like Barack Obama, the republicans will block anything Biden tries to pass.
    The United States is simply too broke, polarized, too greedy, too expensive.
    Biden will have a tough time getting other nations to ally or align with the United States. The country and it people have become very untrustworthy. The fear that in four years, Americans will elect another schmuck.
    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Steve Ksieski

    The most basic of human instincts is the need for self decision making and the freedom to do so. All
    attempts to extract that need from the human species is an inexcusable act that offends all natural bounds.
    Freedom is more than a right…. it is life itself….And life cannot exit with chains…..Eventually, as history well proves…those that are chained fight to break free…. Freedom is energy itself…. It’s invisible, but you can touch and feel it….. you can think it and relish in it…. but you cannot extinguish it……it is a higher source….
    and one cannot disconnect from it….. it is Everlasting !

  14. Harold Rauch

    What I see is the Democratic party has created havoc and I hope they are very happy with the greed and power that they wanted, They were all in bed together and created this whole mess. I hope the American people come together , if it is not too late to keep our Country. How some people can sleep at night knowing what they created, it is just terrible Save the United States

  15. Kathy

    The thing we have to remember is,number one, our country was founded on “ In God we trust”. Second, no matter what happens with Trump or Biden (although I’m rooting for Trump), God IS the one who is in control. He will use whatever happens to complete HIs ends,that includes using all nations! They just think these things are their idea! Thirdly, the Bible says,” If my people,who are called by my name,will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways,and seek MY face. Then will I hear from heaven and I will heal their land! How many people do you see turning from their wicked ways? This is a warning! Repent aALL of you people and seek God’s will. God is a loving God,but He won’t tarry forever! As it was in tha days of Noah,So shall it be when the Son of Man comes, You think it’s not like Noah’s days right now? If you don’t, your delusional! Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

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