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Chinese Communists: America is a “Defeated Power”

The Chinese Communist Party is feeling increasingly successful due to the economic destruction the Covid-19 pandemic, that originated in Wuhan, China, has caused.

“China’s Communist Party, under its leader, Xi Jinping, has promoted the idea that the country is on a trajectory to power past Western rivals,” according to a New York Times report.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda says Western countries, especially the United States, are crippled by the virus. A retired Chinese general even said the United States is a “defeated power” in the “fight against the pandemic.”

The New York Times reports says:

“China stamped out the coronavirus, the messaging goes, with a resolve beyond the reach of flailing Western democracies. Beijing has rolled out homegrown vaccines to more than a million people, despite the safety concerns of scientists. China’s economy has revived, defying fears of a deep slump from the pandemic.

‘In this fight against the pandemic, there will be victorious powers and defeated ones,’ Wang Xiangsui, a retired Chinese senior colonel who teaches at a university in Beijing, averred this month. ‘We’re a victor power, while the United States is still mired and, I think, may well become a defeated power.’

The firm leadership of Mr. Xi and the party has earned China its recent success, say newspapers, television programs and social media.

‘Time to wake up from blind faith in the Western system,’ said a commentary in the state-run China Education News last week. ‘Vicious partisan fighting has worsened in certain Western countries, social fissures have deepened, and a severe social crisis is brewing.'”

The communist leader of China, Xi Jinping, “sees China and the United States as locked in ideological rivalry,” the Times stated. “Since coming to power in 2012, he has called for Chinese schools, textbooks and websites to inoculate youth against Western values that could erode party rule and the country’s ‘cultural self-confidence.’”