China Tests Thousands of Bats for Covid-19 – Zero Positive

China has reportedly tested over 50,000 animals, including thousands of bats, to find evidence of exactly where COVID-19 originated. The search comes after renewed international focus on whether the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab.

Research started soon after the first case of Covid-19 was officially documented in Wuhan in December 2019. The local wet market where it was thought to have originated soon closed down.

Since then, tens of thousands of animals have been tested – and not just bats. Researchers have also tested pigs, goats and geese, according to MIT Technology Review.

Yet Liang Wannian, the lead Chinese researcher who worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in its controversial study of the origins of Covid-19, has admitted that the pandemic “remains an unsolved mystery.”

The closest match was a bat virus with a genetic code that was 96.2 percent identical to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, according to reports.

However, that sample was taken during research on bats in caves in Yunnan province, which is hundreds of miles away from Wuhan.

Also, that research was carried out by the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) itself, which has long denied the lab leak theory.

The WIV and its chief scientist, “bat woman” Shi Zhengli, had already found international notoriety with pivotal breakthroughs over SARS, a similar coronavirus that emerged from China in 2003.

With that outbreak, however, researchers were able to quickly find a nearly identical virus in Himalayan palm civet cats and raccoon dogs — both eaten locally — during testing, the MIT Technology Review noted.

The WHO’s report still believes the COVID-19 virus likely originated from bats.

The Wuhan lab also removed its online database of studies in late 2019, just before the outbreak started. Zhengli blamed that move on protecting the lab and its staff from attacks.

Former US national security adviser Matthew Pottinger is among many who believe that it is “very much possible that it did emerge from the laboratory.”

“It’s possible they caused a pandemic they were intending to prevent,” Pottinger told MIT Technology Review.

Jamie Metzl, a technology and national security fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank, told the publication that it was “crazy” that there were still no clear answers on what caused the pandemic.

“Everyone on Earth is a stakeholder in this,” he said.

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  1. You had better be careful. The DNC and China are planning ANOTHER virus leak. They both know that they can not win politically without ‘mail-in’ votes.

  2. It should have been obvious from the start it is lab made. As soon as the Indian team found HIV sequences in it and had their paper promptly removed, it didn’t take a genius to figure that out. CENSORSHIP should be the strongest warning that something is being hidden.
    What surprised me when I first detected it in myself in April 2020, is that my body seemed to think the virus had been in me since @ 2015 and that i already had antibodies! Investigating other people indicated that some were the same and others were exposed and developed antibodies @ 2018!!
    My expanation for this and why people did not get sick earlier is because the virus is not really particularly dangerous. The illnesses were mostly caused by tissue damage from the new 5G frequencies and the increased density of 4G signals that are part of the 5G program. The tissue damage accumulated and reached a point where so many latent pathogens and toxins were released simultaneously that even many Chinese, who have demonstrated the survival of the fittest principle for thousands of years, fell ill. It is well known that Wuhan has serious air pollution, and I can hardly believe the residents are overnourished. I would bet the place is also very moldy. High EMF irritates mold and they are documented (by a lab, of course, that was shut down for discovering it) to secrete up to 600 times more toxins than in a natural EMF environment. People should know that many mold toxins are grossly immune supressive, and the combination sickened and killed many people.
    Being unaware of or unconcerned about most of these factors, researchers who found a virus of a type KNOWN as a lab creation panicked, and all the illness was attributed to a single virus. And what a virus: so mild that lots of people have it and don’t even notice, yet many fall deathly ill and die?
    So much of the tragedy could have been prevented had governments and the CRIMINALS WHO CREATED THESE TYPES OF VIRUSES not withdrawn all the know and suspected treatments. But no, Gates and Fauci and their evil cohorts turned truth into lies and lies into dogma, and here we are. Vast numbers of unnecessary deaths, vaccines that will kill many more than the pathogen-poison-immune suppressive soup, economies destroyed, and a world poised on the edge of totalitarianism emanating from every opportunist government and powerful industry.


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