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China Claims It’s Winning The Race to 6G Internet

6G Internet

Despite all the controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding 5G cell towers, companies are already working on an even faster type of internet: 6G.

And, like any emerging technology, there is a tight race to see who can do it first and the best.

China claims it is the leader in the 6G battle while the rest of the world is far behind.

Chinese companies have already made 35 percent of the 38,000 patents out there related to 6G technologies. For comparison, just 18 percent for the United States and EU is getting started.

Also, three-quarters of the Chinese-led patents are related to artificial intelligence.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) made an announcement on World Intellectual Property Day that it is the leader in the 6G race.

Last year, China launched the first 6G satellite. It is expected to be used to test out a new spectrum of internet speeds. And, the technology is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G.

Even though they claim to be far ahead of anyone else, China doesn’t expect to roll out the first wave of 6G technology until 2030.

The experimental 6G satellite was carried in a Long-March 6 rocket along with 12 other satellites.

The satellite was carrying several experimental devices with the goal of testing out the high-frequency waves that the 6G network will use – terahertz waves.

The terahertz waves are able to carry data at about 50 gigabits per second. Current top speeds are about 500 megabytes per second.

Speaking to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, Xu Yangsheng, an engineer at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, “6G is to combine the satellite communication network with the ground communication network. This experimental satellite marks the first time the technology of terahertz communication would be verified when applied in space.”