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Child Predator Travels to Meet 14-year-Old Girl to “Keep her For Five Days”

A disgusting child predator in the UK is given a light slap on the wrist sentence! 

Despite the efforts of a courageous “undercover” Child Protection organization, a vile child predator who they netted in a sting basically walked away!

The pedophile was caught when he traveled to the town of Newcastle to meet with a “14-year-old girl” who he planned to “keep for five days” and teach her how to “enjoy kissing” and engage in other sexual activities. 

Binis Varghese, 38, did not go through with his rendezvous, after chatting with “Paige” online for several weeks. Varghese, a father, and husband living on Townsley Grove in Ashton, contacted the profile on the social media site, Scout.

Initially, Paige – who was actually the inventor of the so-called pedophile hunter group Child Online Safety Team – listed her age online as 18. However, after the two exchanged pleasantries, she revealed she “was actually only 14 years of age” on October 1 last year.

Despite knowing the profile was that of a child, Varghese continued to have “inappropriate” conversations with her, Minshull Street Crown Court heard during his arraignment on Sept 8. Prosecutor Jamie Baxter told the court, “They moved off [Scout] and exchanged phone numbers and began conversing on WhatsApp.”

“He enquired if she would like to meet a man. He sent pictures of himself that were not sexual. Two days later, the conversation continues, and he expresses his hope that he can meet her.

“He inquiries if she is 18, and she says she is 14, and he replied, “nice, it is very nice to meet you.” He then says, “he would like to meet up with her.”

From there, Mr. Baxter told Recorder Abigail Hudson, the conversation became more explicit in nature. He added, “He said I really want to meet you in Newcastle. She said, “I have never met a man,” and the defendant said, “will you like me?”

He said that he would “keep her” for five days, and they would cook together. The conversation then got lewder, and he said he would teach her to kiss, and how he would like to taste her lips.

He then said he has been “fantasizing about kissing her neck and chest. He then asked whether she is wearing a bra and what size it is. He then asks if she will show her bra to him.”

However, Varghese’s actions and messages did not end there. On November 20, 2021, the conversations became more explicit and vile in nature, keeping in mind that he believed he was speaking to a 14-year-old girl.

“Just before 8 pm, he said he was coming to Newcastle and that he wanted to see her and that he likes her lips and her bra and inside her bra,” he said. “He then describes her [breasts] and nipples and wanting to kiss under her underwear. He then asked her to delete those messages.”

Shortly after, he said he would stop talking to her, and Varghese was arrested in Newcastle, after the pedophile hunter group waited for him outside the Crown Plaza hotel in the city and confronted him.

Defending Varghese at his hearing, barrister Mark Harper said that his client was merely engaging in a “fantasy.” He added, “He was not working at the time, and he was passing the time. It was a fantasy.”

“That’s the reality. While there are suggestions of a meeting, it was never realistic.”

The Judge seemed to accept this as a viable defense.

Judge Hudson accepted that the meeting never happened because of Varghese’s “own choice.” Sentencing him to a community order, she said: “I accept that she provided the catalyst for more sexual conversation – referring to her being in her bed – but you took her lead.

“I further accept that although you agreed to meet up, you did not go through with that plan by your own choice. You had only been in the UK for two months when you began talking to Paige.

“You have considerable education, and you are more than capable of coping well and being a valuable member of the community. The harm you caused was thankfully relatively minimal as Paige does not exist. I accept this was all fantasy.”

Judge Hudson handed Varghese, of Townsley Grove, Ashton-under-Lyne, a 24-month community service order for sexual communications with a child, and he must complete the Horizon rehabilitation program. She did not impose an unpaid work requirement, but did fine him £25 (only about $30 US!) and ensured he would be listed on the sex offenders register for five years.

And you thought sentences for pedophiles in the US were too light!