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Chef Dies After Falling into Giant Vat of Soup

Giant Pot Of Soup

Preparations for a wedding took a deadly turn after a chef for the event fell into a vat of chicken soup and died from severe burns.

According to a report from the local news outlet Middle East In-24, 25-year-old Issa Ismail was one of the chefs catering a wedding dinner at the Hazel Hall, one of the biggest wedding venues in the northeastern Iraqi district of Zakho.

While cooking, he slipped and fell into a giant pot of chicken soup that was cooking for the wedding. It is not uncommon for large vats of soup to be prepared in Middle Eastern weddings, which typically host hundreds of people.

Ismail suffered third-degree burns on 70% of his body. He succumbed to his injuries five days later in the local Dohuk Hospital, according to a report from the local media outlet Al Bawaba.

According to the Saudi news outlet Arab News, members of his family spoke with the TV network Rudaw. They said Ismail was a father of two daughters and a 6-month-old son.

“He has been working as a cook for eight years, where he cooked food at wedding parties, funerals, and various ceremonies. For the last two years he has been working in party halls for 25,000 dinars (around $17) per day,” a relative identified as Zervan Hosni said during a Rudaw broadcast.