Catholic Church Under Fire After Baby Dies During Baptism

A Romanian baby has died after a baptism ceremony where infants are dipped into holy water three consecutive times.

The 6-week-old infant was in cardiac arrest and taken to the hospital on Monday, where it died a few hours later. An autopsy showed liquid in the baby’s lungs.

The Orthodox Church is now under pressure to change Baptism rules.

There is now an open manslaughter investigation against the priest that performed the baptism.

There is also an online petition calling for changes to the religious ritual. “The death of a newborn baby because of this practice is a huge tragedy,” the petition reads. “This risk must be ruled out for the joy of baptism to triumph,” it continued.

The petition has over 56,000 signatures.

Local news outlets have reported on multiple similar incidents in the past several years.

Vasile Banescu, Church spokesman, said priests could pour a little water on the baby’s forehead as an alternative to full immersion in the water.

However, Archbishop Teodosie, leader of the church’s traditionalist wing, says that the ritual will not change.

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10 Replies to “Catholic Church Under Fire After Baby Dies During Baptism”

  1. rose mazur


  2. Sara Moree

    A baby has not come to the age of accountability for sin: it is innocent.
    Matthew 28:19
    I Peter 3:21
    (King James Version of the Bible)

  3. Robert A Best

    SPI/Chatham, IL
    I’ve seen several Baptisms in Catholic Church’s , including those of my two children. Never have I seen Priests pour water over the baby’s face or immerse their head’s into the Holy Water. They always have poured a small amount on the middle to rear of the top of baby’s head. Sounds like this Priest got a bit excited, or wasn’t in control of his faculties, and drenched this poor infant. There is absolutely NO reason to get water near the baby’s nose or mouth!!! This one will cost the Church a bundle and we tragically have a dead baby. Deepest condolences to the parents and Family of this blessed infant.

  4. Tom

    Robert Best – this was a submersion baptism unlike what we do in the United States. Submerson should only be used for older children and adults and not babies. My prayers and thoughts go out to these parents.

  5. Gary Thompson

    Why do they insist on emersion? MILLIONS of baptisms are done all over the world for thousands of years! Does God deny them? Scripture does not say He does! Many have been baptized by sprinkling of water. Does the Bible label them as substandard or unequal? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Who then is the supreme interpreter over and above God Almighty??

  6. kelly

    This happened in the country of Romania, in the city of Suceava, and was during a Romanian Orthodox baptism. Romanian Orthodox is Eastern Orthodox and not even the same as the Eastern Catholic Church. Shame on you for the misrepresentation. Is this the start of overt attacks and then, persecution on Western Christianity?

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