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Can Your Landlord Enter Property You Rent?

Photo by <a href="">Tierra Mallorca</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

If you live in a rented space you might not own the space but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed your privacy in it. This means that the property owner, or landlord, is not allowed to just enter your rental on a whim. Instead, they will need to have a valid reason and provide a sufficient warning before they are allowed to enter your private space.

There are a few occasions in which you can’t stop your landlord from coming into your space. These might vary based on your location, but in general, the cases in which landlords are allowed to enter your home will relate to maintenance or safety.

The following are the most common reasons for a landlord to enter a property.

1. Maintenance

If there is any damage that needs to be inspected or fixed landlords can visit and see what is wrong with your rental. They will also usually take care of fixing whatever the problem is.

2. Sale or rental

If your contract is running out and your landlord needs to find new tenants then they are allowed to host viewings in your home. Similarly, if they are trying to sell a property they will usually have viewings. Most landlords will inform their tenants beforehand of any potential viewings.

3. Health or safety concerns

If there are any health or safety concerns regarding the property then the landlord can enter it to see what is wrong with the property.

4. Court order

Finally, if for some reason your landlord has procured a court order then you are legally not allowed to stop them from entering the property.