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Can Your Favorite Brew Add Years to Your Life?

I have to admit that I find an ice cold brew on a warm summer’s day one of life’s simple pleasures. So of course I was thrilled when I found out that beer not only can add a little life to your years, but could actually add some years to your life!

A new study has found that those who drink a pint of beer a day have twice as much chance of reaching age 90, as those who do not drink at all! And, don’t worry ladies, the same study found that daily beer drinking in women increased the chances of hitting that milestone by about 30%!

The drinking habits of 5,500 people were tracked by researchers from Maastricht University in Holland for over two decades. Lead researcher Prof Dr Piet van den Brandt said, “Our analyses show significantly positive associations between alcohol and longevity in men and women.”

One theory is moderate drinking is good for heart health. But too much booze can be toxic, explaining why bingers do have a variety of health problems, including shorter lifespans.

There have been previous studies that identified positive health benefits of drinking beer in moderation. These include:

  • Beer can help protect your heart
  • Beer helps prevent kidney stones
  • Beer lowers bad cholesterol
  • Beer strengthens your bones
  • Beer helps reduce stress

Jumping on board the beer train doesn’t necessarily mean drinking it; you can cook with it too. Doing so incorporates a delicious, subtle, sweet flavor from the hops and malt.

The bottom line? Beer can be part of a healthy eating plan – if consumed in moderation. Beer also imparts a delicious flavor to dishes, which is a nice way to incorporate it for slightly fewer calories and less alcohol.