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Can Psychics Rid the World of the Coronavirus?

With government and medical officials alike scrambling to find the best ways to combat the current coronavirus outbreak, there is a source they may not have thought of – the world’s psychics!

Those with paranormal abilities have said that the spread of the virus is being accelerated by the panic and fear being created by the media over the virus, and just as fear is helping to spread the virus, a global effort of positive thinking, can help stem the tide of the outbreak.

Similar to those who say that the power of prayer can help to slow the progress of the virus, the psychics say that if we focus our “global consciousness” on defeating the virus, it could very well have an impact on slowing the disease.

As crazy as this idea may sound, it is not without some scientific basis. The power of prayer and positive thinking on boosting your immune system and combating disease on an individual basis has been well documented. Recently, even highly regarded institutions like Duke and Harvard University not only accept the healing power of prayer and positive thinking – it is all part of the emerging science of “Mind Body Medicine.”

It has been very well documented that emotional states such as stress trigger the release of brain chemicals that can cause any number of stress related conditions. Stress also affects the immune system, and can lead to physical pain and other diseases. Decrease stress, whether that is through yoga, Tai chi, meditation, prayer and/or “positive thinking,” and you promote healing. It’s nothing esoteric, or “magical,” or so the theory of Mind-Body Medicine goes, but rather simple biochemistry.

So, if it has been proven that prayer and/or “positive thinking” can help individuals combat illness, is it so far-fetched to believe that billions of people doing that all at the same time can combat the coronavirus?

Not if you believe in “Global Consciousness” it isn’t.

What Is Global Consciousness?

Eastern religions and philosophers from all disciplines have long spoken of the concept of a “Universal Consciousness.” Now scientists may have found evidence of its existence. For the past few decades, Dr. Roger Nelson and his fellow scientists with the Global Consciousness Project have been finding and monitoring patterns in worldwide emotional responses.

A retired Princeton Professor, Nelson is working in conjunction with Dean Radin, Director of the Institute for Noetic Scientists, on The Global Consciousness project, or GCP. GCP was set up to research and establish the mind’s ability to influence the physical world. In experiments using random number generators, the GCP team has demonstrated that the concentrated attention of millions of people intently focusing on a single point, can affect randomness – and in effect bring things back into order. The project set up dozens of random number generators across the globe. Basically the device puts out either a 1, or a 0, two hundred times every second – much like a flip of coin. As we all learned in probability – a coin flip is a random event, not influenced by previous flips – at any given flip you have an equal chance of getting ahead or tail — make 100 coin flips and you should expect roughly an equal number of heads as tails. Usually that is exactly the pattern you will get. But what if you flipped that coin 100 times and got heads, 20, 30, 40, even 80 or more times in a row? That is exactly what the GCP researchers have seen time and time again – whenever there is a serious global event. On any given day, the patterns produced by the number generators at over 60 locations worldwide, is definitely that – random – like the coin toss.

The generators print out a graph that is much like a seismograph, or EKG. Typically the pattern looks like what Nelson describes as a “Drunkards Walk” – or all over the place. But, when the world’s attention is suddenly focused on an event – that pattern goes almost in a straight line. Says Nelson, “The first time we noticed this was during the reports of the death of Princess Diana. We then saw the same pattern during other events such as the crash of the Concorde, the Death of The Pope and the OJ Simpson trial.” But perhaps the event that saw the most dramatic result, says Nelson, “was the 9-11 attacks.” Everyone felt the worldwide emotional shockwave of 9-11, but the GCP computers actually measured it. On that day, just after the first plane hit – all the generators came into alignment for the first time ever.


What do you think, could collective positive thinking, or prayer directed at the coronavirus have an impact on its spread? Reply using the comments below.