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Can Astrology Be Used to Explain the Coronavirus?

You may not be surprised to open your newspaper to your daily horoscope page, and find something that says, “You will remain home for the next few weeks,” under each sign!

However, that has not stopped believers in the Zodiac from using astrology to try to explain the coronavirus.

A self-styled “horoscope expert” in England, known only as “Mr. Naragvedic,” says he has outlined specific details to correlate the COVID-19 outbreak to certain astrological events.

Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, the world at large was aware of it by the end of December 2019. The virus has since spread westwards, correlating the virus to the ringed planet Saturn, the “expert” claims.

This virus has purportedly migrated from animals — primarily cats and bats, after which some scientists speculate it was transmitted to humans through the consumption of meat.

Naragvedic believes these factors correspond to the malefic Vedic planet Rahu and Jupiter.

Coronavirus is a pathogen, spreading through respiratory droplets on solid surfaces, another factor the astrologer connected to Saturn.

COVID-19 is spread by touch, therefore linking the virus to Mercury and another Vedic planet – Rahu’s twin, Ketu, says Naragvedic.

Diagnosis is difficult and symptoms only emerge after a number of days of incubation, also corresponding to Rahu.

The initial symptoms are a temperature, dry cough and breathing difficulties, characteristics relating to both Mars and Mercury.

Controlling the spread of this disease requires maintaining hygiene and social distancing or physical isolation, factors Naragvedic says link it to Jupiter and the Sun.

Although the coronavirus is not a living organism, any entity possessing a name has a zodiac name sign. Because of this, COVID-19 has been identified by Naragvedic as a Gemini. (Sorry if that is your sign as well!)

The number 19 is also associated with this virus, a number representing the Sun. This is considered appropriate as the Sun brings fame and popularity – something this virus can claim, albeit, in a negative context.

Although there is no specific time or date marking the emergence of this virus, Naragvedic believes it is no coincidence that a rare astrological event occurred on December 26, 2019. The astrologer is consequently convinced this was the trigger leading to the emergence of this disease as a pandemic.

On this day a solar eclipse occurred, with five planets concurrently occupying the zodiac of Sagittarius.

According to Hindu mythology, the absence of the Sun in the sky during an eclipse is an inauspicious event originating in the struggle between the Sun, Rahu and Ketu.

Naragvedic explains that such uncommon astrological events have – in the past – corresponded with natural disasters, political upheavals and the epidemic spread of disease.