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How Long Can An iPhone Last Underwater?

Modern smartphones are a feat of engineering in many ways, but almost everyone probably has a story of how water or a nasty fall rendered theirs unusable. Every now and then, though, we get a story about how a handset defied the odds and survived when it wasn’t expected to.

Owain Davies was canoeing in Gloucestershire, England, when his iPhone fell out of his pocket and was lost to what he assumed was a watery grave. That it was, until Miguel Pacheco was out boating 10 months later in the same area and discovered the device.

Much to Pacheco’s surprise, the phone powered up after he dried it out and charged it. By posting a photo of the lock screen, which was an image of a young couple, on social media, Pacheco eventually tracked Davies down and returned the device to him.

Original Article: Can an iPhone survive underwater for 10 months?