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Campfire Cooking Tips You Didn’t Know

Photo by <a href="">Tegan Mierle</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

The weather is perfect for a fall camping trip, but if you are going to be camping out during a colder night, then there is one thing you can certainly not do without and that is a campfire. A campfire will be the perfect way for you to stay warm and even have some incredible food while camping. To be best prepared for campfire cooking then you will need to focus on the following few things.

The right wood

Different woods tend to burn differently. Some woods might easily catch fire, but as an effect, this would also mean that they burn too quickly. These softwoods do have their purpose when building a fire but you should not use them exclusively if you want a long-lasting fire. Woods that are wet or not as dry are also not a good option as they tend to let out more smoke. This will be the last thing you need if you are sitting by the campfire for a long time.
Also, if possible, try to avoid woods that have resin instead of sap. These can lead to more sparks flying and could even burn you.

Cook on coals

Most foods will actually cook better if they are cooked on coal. This is because coals allow for more thorough and slow cooking. This is why you should take some of the campfire coals and cook on those rather than directly on top of the fire. A great way of doing that is to set a separate area aside to add the coals and cook on there while your campfire is burning.


Before you light a fire, you should always make sure that you are in an area where it is allowed. There might also be a number of rules regarding fire safety in your area, so always look at those and implement the necessary steps to stay safe. These could include having a bucket of water or sand near you. A spray bottle with water can also help put out small sparks.