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California Woman Tortured and Held Captive by Her Roommate for Months!

A man in Chino Hills, California, has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping, torturing, rapping, and holding a woman captive against her will for months!

The woman contacted deputies last Thursday around 7:21 p.m. and said she had managed to escape just minutes earlier from the residence in Chino Hills, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The still as yet unnamed victim said she had been tortured, physically assaulted, and raped by a man later identified by authorities as Peter Anthony McGuire, 59.

Authorities said the 22-year-old victim had visible injuries consistent with the allegations made.

Prior to her dramatic escape, McGuire allegedly held the woman captive against her will at the home for months. Investigators say she moved in as McGuire’s “roommate” earlier this year.

“Very soon after moving into the house, she was not allowed to leave, she was held there against her will by him and at that point was subjected to multiple assaults,” said Mara Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. “We have charges of sodomy and oral copulation, mayhem, rape.”

As of this writing, the victim remains in the hospital. Officials say she is in stable condition.

A search warrant was served at the suspect’s residence, and evidence was recovered, but McGuire had fled beforehand, authorities said.

An arrest warrant was issued, and he was arrested when he returned to the home 2-days later, where they served a search warrant.

After barricading himself inside, McGuire was taken into custody after surrendering without incident.

The front garage door was torn off after SWAT officers went into the home searching for the suspect.

Neighbors in Placentia said the suspect lived there for years but hardly talked to anyone.

McGuire faces numerous charges, including kidnapping, torture, mayhem, rape, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, McGuire “Did unlawfully and maliciously deprive Jane/John Doe of a member of the body and did disable, disfigure and render it useless and did cut and disable the tongue, and put out an eye and slit the nose, ear, and lip of said person.”

McGuire pleaded not guilty to all charges. He is being held without bail.