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“Bullhorn Lady” Taken into Custody

Rachel Powell, a single mother of eight suspected of participating in the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol, was taken into custody in Pennsylvania on Thursday night. The FBI raided her home Thursday searching for evidence to help build a case against her.

According to neighbors, Powell and some of her younger children have not been seen for over a week.

Powell was scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate Friday afternoon. She faces multiple charges, including violent entry or disorderly conduct, obstruction, and depredation of government property.

Powell turned herself in after learning she was facing criminal charges, according to her attorney Michael Engle. “She wanted to turn herself in to face these charges and address them head-on,” he said.

“We are conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity at that location. We are seeking the whereabouts of Rachel Powell,” the FBI said before raiding Powell’s home.

Videos of the Capitol riot show Powell taking a battering ram to the Capitol.

People have started referring to her as “the bullhorn lady.” Powell also seemed to have knowledge of the Capitol building’s floor plan. Video shows her instructing other rioters where to go.

The FBI is especially interested in Powell because if she had knowledge of the floor plan prior to the incident, that would indicate that the attack was pre-planned.

Powell’s neighbors were shocked by her participation. “It’s crazy. We’re Republican but we’d never do something like that. Biden’s the president right now. Live with it. Get over it,” Teresa Chisholm remarked to CBS Pittsburgh.