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Brutal Facebook Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison

Derek Medina, the brutal “Facebook Killer,” was sentenced to life in prison — and has recently been made ineligible for parole – for the grisly 2013 murder of his wife, Jennifer Alonso. The case made headlines worldwide after Medina posted a morbid picture of Alonso’s lifeless body on Facebook with the caption, “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife.”

While his predictive caption proved accurate, Medina refused to accept the verdict, threatening to sue “the entire world,” starting with “President Obama.”

Medina did not testify during his trial but addressed the court for the first time during his sentencing hearing in a brief but rambling statement involving President Obama and the movie Unfriended.

“Focus, Barack Obama, president, on this corruptive world that I will be suing,” Medina told the court.

“I will be suing this world,” Medina continued. “Not only that, Unfriended, the movie by Universal Pictures, came out with a movie before my trial, which was unfair. OK. Which was biased. And, um, pretty much the point I’m trying to make is that I did not get a fair trial. I will be taking action. I will be suing, and I want Barack Obama, president of the United of the States of America, to focus on corruption.” 

Unfriended was a low-budget 2014 teen horror movie with a social media theme. It features a mysterious killer tormenting teens on the internet but actually bears little or no resemblance to Medina’s case. The concept that the fictional murders and his actual brutal killing of his wife involved social media is pretty much where any similarity ends.

Medina was found guilty back in November. Defense attorneys tried to claim self-defense and tried to make the case that Alonso first attacked Medina — a former amateur boxer — with a knife. Medina, however, shot Alonso eight times at point-blank range, emptying the clip of his firearm.

The incident occurred at the couple’s South Miami townhouse. Alonso’s young daughter from a previous relationship was in the home at the time, but did not witness the killing. 

Miami-Dade County Judge Yvonne Colodny issued a quick sentence for the Facebook Killer. 

“You foretold your future,” said Colodny. “You wrote on Facebook that ‘I am going to prison,’ and that is where you will be going.”

Having served a few years since his original sentencing, it has been amended, and now Medina will serve life without being eligible for parole.