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Brave Woman And Her Townhome Are A “Beacon For Spirits”

A woman who describes herself as a “beacon for spirits” has spooked followers with her haunting footage.

Sharing the out-of-this-world footage on TikTok, Leanne Marshall been confronted by unexplained voices, slamming doors and strange shadows of figures everywhere she lives.

The 42-year-old – who has been “terrorised by ghosts since she was four” – said paranormal activity has become a constant part of her life, and has left her experiencing hauntings on a weekly to fortnightly basis.

The mum-of-two has been living in her home in Bathgate, West Lothian, for 11 years and the location of her house is a ‘portal’ for spirits wishing to connect.

Leanne said: “When I was four, I met an old woman in our downstairs bathroom. She was very pleasant and I remember talking to her about why I had gotten out of bed.

“A few days later I remember telling my gran what the woman said to me and looked like, and she was convinced it was her grandmother.

“We started experiencing paranormal activity from the day we moved in.

“I had previous houses that all had hauntings too and learned young that it was because I am very sensitive to it and attract them.

“My scariest experience was being woken in the middle of the night to a female voice shouting my name in my ear and the window being banged at the same time. It was when I lived alone in a small apartment on an upstairs floor, many years ago.

“I was told by two mediums I am a beacon for spirits. In this house, regularly we have doors that open themselves or slam shut randomly.

“We have items get pushed off shelves or knocked over. We see shadows of figures either on the stairs or in the kitchen.

“We have heard voices in the hall, have experienced loud bangs and knocks on upstairs windows and doors through the night when we are all asleep.

“Sometimes it freaks me out for a short time. Gives me a fright, but overall, I am very relaxed about it, as are my children as we have lived here for 11 years and are used to it.

“I now have the local paranormal team to me offering advice and they think my house is near a portal while also being situated on a ley line.

“A ley-line is an invisible line from one historic point to another in a town where they expect spirit activity. My house sits on a ley line that runs to an ancient druid burial ground.”

Taking to TikTok, Leanne has shared videos detailing her paranormal experiences within her home as well as previous paranormal episodes.

Her most viewed video is of her living room door unexplainably opening and closing even though the door is attached by a chain to force the door to shut.

She said: “The day I first uploaded was a minor door video a month or so, maybe longer, before.

“Sat late at night, alone while others were asleep because I had a deadline to meet and my living room door opened and then later slammed.

“It did it twice and I caught a tiny bit on camera. That video went unnoticed as it was minor.

“I then didn’t upload anything about it until the day the door was slamming nonstop, which was only a couple of weeks ago.

“It’s such a normal part of my life that I didn’t think of sharing it properly as I thought it would get a lot of nasty comments that it was fake.

“I know there are many sceptics as I have seen it myself through the years when dealing with previous issues in older homes.”

Ever since uploading the videos, Leanne has received a number of conflicting messages from followers.

She said: “The response online has been a mix. I had to disable comments on the first video as people were quite nasty and insulting.

“A lot of repeat comments about taking my door off, getting a bolt, without watching the other videos which touches on every suggestion or question.

“A lot think it’s fake or a through draft in my house, which only could be explained if it happened more frequently, and I had any kinds of doors and windows open.

“I am friends with spirit mediums, psychics and pagan spiritualists who have all come and seen and done various things.

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