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Black people have no right to be angry at other races who mimic them

Here we go! Once again, there are a host of Black people who are crying foul at Whites who wear dark makeup and at Chinese people who wear their hair kinky.

Blacks are angry because many of the White women who are passing as Black are making a ton of money online as beauty consultants for makeup and hair care products. Additionally, kinky hair has become popular—and as such—other races are using chemicals to get that special texture. Needless to say, Black people, are pissed.

It’s interesting that Black people are so upset about other races imitating their skin tone, hair texture, and body—especially given the fact that they are guilty of borrowing a few things from other races, themselves. From hair to skin tone, many Blacks have borrowed looks that they found appealing. It seems almost a double standard that most of them want to use the looks of others, but become agitated when their looks are borrowed.

Let’s talk hair, shall we?

Wigs are a huge staple in the Black race and have been for decades. Hair weaves, wigs, and extensions are all things that many Black women have used to give their own look a different appeal. The hair care industry is a billion-dollar business that continues to grow…pardon the pun.

Black women wear hair that was cut from women of different races…hair that is silky and long…something that is the polar opposite of most African-American women who choose to wear these headpieces. When asked about their decision to wear wigs that are different from the texture of their own hair, most women merely shrug it off and claim that they have the right to change their crown. This is true; however, wouldn’t it make sense that women of other races would also have the right to change theirs if they should so choose?

Just because a White woman gets a perm to make her hair curly and then gets a tan to make her skin dark doesn’t mean she’s trying to mock Black women. There is beauty in darker skin and full hair, so why wouldn’t any woman chase such a look? The unfortunate deal is that some Black women feel they have the right to take a look from a woman of another race, but they do not want to share their own.

Can you dig the skin you’re in?

Many Black women have been known to use skin bleach to lighten their complexion. This is so prevalent that now women in certain parts of Africa are purchasing loads of skin bleach to eliminate their dark hue. Without getting into the psychology of why a darker-hued woman would want to lighten her complexion, we can instead say that this is something that falls in line as the polar opposite of what most Blacks complain about from others.

Lately, many White female online influencers are under fire from Black women who claim they are making money by pretending to be something they are not. Black women state that White women are wearing dark makeup and braiding their hair in an effort to pass as Black women.

In doing so, many Black women are saying that these “fraudulent” women are making a profit by pretending to be something they are not. The only question here is whether Black women are angry that White women are imitating their look, or if they are just pissed that they aren’t the ones getting paid?

In the end, every woman of every race has a unique beauty that is all their own. There is nothing wrong with finding beauty in others and then applying that beauty to yourself. It’s just too bad that most Blacks feel that what’s good for the goose is simply not so good for the gander.