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Bizarre Sea Creature Washed Up on Beach Leaves Experts Baffled

Jeff Warren was walking along the beach with his son at Wolf Island Natural Wildlife refuge in St. Simons Island, Georgia when he spotted a bizarre creature washed up on the beach. Warren captured a photo the sea creature, but no one seems to know what kind of animal is seen in the picture.

If it’s real, it could be a species that has not been discovered yet.

Warren said the creature was about 5 feet long with two fins and a mouth covered in really small teeth.

State officials have been looking for the body to collect it ever since Warren released the photo, but it seems to have gone missing. The state reached out to Warren, but there is no report of where the creature’s body went.

The weirdest part of this story is that the creature Warren saw fits the exact description of a local, legendary sea creature on the island that he become the unofficial town mascot.

Without a body, nobody knows if the creature Warren saw is real or all part of some elaborate hoax. Until the body is discovered, many people are considering it to be fake news.