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Bill Gates Cracks Sick Joke About Microchips and Vaccinations!

For years many people say Bill Gates is behind campaigns to put tracking “microchips” in Americans in the guise of vaccines like COVID-19.

The Microsoft CEO recently made a not-so-funny joke about it, saying the reason that the company is discontinuing Microsoft Explorer is that they “‘ran out of microchips,” vaccinating everyone!

Gates was responding to a tweet posted by The Daily Show that joked, “Wow, Bill Gates encourages everyone to get vaccinated, then a year later Internet Explorer dies. Coincidence???”.

The microchip vaccine conspiracy theory is one of several unsubstantiated rumors that the COVID-19 vaccine was a front of Gates and his “Foundation” implanting a magnetic tracking device somehow connected to 5G mobile networks.

A Reddit spokesperson told The Verge the rumor originated on 4plebs, a community-run archive of 4chan, before it sprung onto Reddit, became and then became one of many popular “conspiracy theories” involving Gates, COVID, and vaccines. It has since been repeated by several celebrities, including Charlamagne, M.I.A., and Kanye West.

Last week, Microsoft shut down Internet Explorer, the browser launched in 1995 that became all but obsolete after being overtaken by the likes of Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. Microsoft Edge has now replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows users.

The move sparked an online wave of nostalgia about the browser, which became notorious for its clunky interface and slow response times last decade.

On a more serious note, Gates says that the world “got lucky” with COVID, and as bad as it was, it could have been much worse, and that world leaders need to prepare now for the “next one.” Gates says that such preparation will take an investment of “one billion dollars.”

This article is a commentary.

Editors Note: Although this could be called a “conspiracy theory”, our readers should research (not on Google, though) about 5G, vaccines, and microchips, as it is not as “far out” as one might think. Use your best judgment when researching and look for more than 2-3 sources, because nowadays, what the media is calling some of the conspiracy theories are actually turning out to be more true than anything else.