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BIGFOOT SPOTTED on a Washington State Traffic Camera

Here we go again, another grainy, blurry, out-of-focus photo taken at a distance of someone or something walking within a wooded forest, is it the elusive Sasquatch?

Better known as “Bigfoot” the legendary ape-like creature that walks upright and stands approximately 7-feet tall, and dwells deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, sighted in places like Oregon. British Colombia and just recently in Washington State’s Sherman Pass, a remote high mountain pass that crosses over to the Kettle River Range.

Or is this someone simply walking along minding their own business, you be the judge? However, the still photos apparently freaked someone out at the Washington State Department of Transportation when they reviewed the photos taken on the state’s webcam.

Department of Transportation workers decided to share the grainy images with the public showing what appears to be something or someone within the darken photo walking near the tree line in the distance.

The images were accompanied with a written post declaring: “Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious,” the person running the DOT account for the eastern part of the state tweeted on Wednesday. “If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something.”

The image immediately became a hot topic of conversation, with several keen-eyed sleuths delving deep within the images, perhaps downloading them, blowing them up, attempting to solve the mystery of Sherman Pass.

One eagle-eyed twitter aficionado replied, “Zoom in; it’s the tree trunk shadow. I want to believe but I don’t believe this picture. Or that he stood still in multiple photos… unless he is frozen of course. Lol.”

The last report from WSDOT was that the webcam is still posting photos from that exact spot every hour, perhaps hoping for a repeat performance from there mystery guest.

Moreover, everyone seemed to be having a good time attempting to solve the riddle, with even WSDOT staff joining in the fun tweeting out another video in a different location of yet another figure (perhaps staged), walking in the distance through the snow turning around looking towards the camera, mimicking the iconic color video taken decades ago of a fur-like figure stopping momentarily and looking directly at the camera before disappearing into the forest.

However whether one believes in the legend of Bigfoot or not, there are some real dangers for campers who do venture into the deep lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Last spring a couple camping at a national park claimed they were rousted out of their tent at about 11 p.m. by a hunter claiming he had seen Bigfoot.

The couple interviewed by CNN said the man had fired into the darkness after the ape-like creature lunged at him.

“We got out of the tent and saw a man who told us their campsite had been destroyed by someone or something,” said Durand, a student at Western Kentucky University.

The man, who was with his young son, showed them his gun on his hip and told them the area was popular for Bigfoot sightings, Durand recalled. The couple climbed back into their tent as the man walked away to investigate with his son in tow.

“We heard them coming back about 10 minutes later. We heard them yelling ‘I see it!’ Durand said.

She added: “We saw the flash from his gun, and he shot maybe 20 yards from the side of our tent into the pitch-black darkness.”

Mammoth Cave National Park rangers responded to the incident because a weapon was discharged within the campgrounds. Law enforcement rangers later that day stated that no confirmation of a Bigfoot sighting was reported

Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the national park. Officials know the identity of the person who allegedly fired a weapon; no charges have been filed.

Madelyn Durand and her boyfriend Brad Ginn, who reported the incident to park rangers, said the encounter frightened them.

 “I was mostly just concerned about him shooting the gun in the middle of the night without him really seeing anything,” said Durand.