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Attacked By Bees? Do This Immediately

Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash

Bee encounters tend to heighten during the warmer seasons. As they can often come with a series of different dangers, there are a few things to know in advance to protect yourself according to the Glendale Fire Department.

Mowing the lawn can often disturb bees and cause them to attack. To avoid bee attacks during that time, try to limit the number of people and pets that are outside when you are taking care of your lawn or garden.

If during garden work, or at any other moment you notice a swarm then try to remove yourself by entering your closest building. Once inside, close all windows and doors to block the bees. Do not try to hide by jumping in the water, as they are likely going to just wait for you to come out.

Bees tend to attach near your head and eyes, so try to keep those areas covered as you make your escape. If someone you know suffers from a bee sting or is attacked and can’t escape, try covering their bare skin to limit the attack.

If you want to not disturb them when you are near their colony you will need to limit all of your movement, as movement can trigger bees into attacking you. If you do end up attacked after you make your escape remove any stingers left on your body. Depending on the number of stings you can just treat the stings as you would any regular bee sting, and then continue to monitor yourself. Also, clean the area and put an ice pack on to reduce the swelling.
If you begin suffering from an allergic reaction or have multiple bee stings then seek immediate medical attention.