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Armed and Dangerous 70-Year-Old on the Loose After Murdering Two

70 Year Old Kills 2 Duck Hunters

Authorities in Tennessee are looking for a 70-year-old man, David Vowell, for allegedly fatally shooting two duck hunters. Police say Vowell is armed and dangerous.

There is a warrant out for Vowell’s arrest on two counts of first-degree murder. The victims are 26-year-old Chance Black and 25-year-old Zachery Grooms. The two men were on a boat in Reelfoot Lake hunting for ducks. Vowell approached their boat, where an argument later broke out resulting in the shooting.

Jeffery Crabtree was also on the boat when the incident occurred. Crabtree took the gun from Vowell and took the two victims to get help.

Authorities have been looking for Vowell for two days. Due to recent rainfall that caused the lake levels to rise, police do not believe he is on the water anymore. Police also temporarily called off the search until the lake levels go back down.

It is possible that Vowell died while out on the lake, or someone helped him out of the water. He has no prior criminal record and a motive remains unknown.

Chance Black, one of the two victims, was the son of a local sheriff. He worked as a manager in the gun department at a local sporting goods store.

The store’s marketing manager, Seth Dortch, said in a statement, “What has taken place is hard to process. No duck is worth the life of a man. What we do know is that God is our refuge and strength, even in the hardest of times.”