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Arizona Audit Is More Than Just A Recount

It has been no surprise to me to watch and see every individual and media outlet that support Biden or hate Trump celebrate the surface level revelations of the Arizona election audit. I have said it before, and I will say it again, that the recount of the existing ballots is not only a distraction, but was not the true purpose of the forensic audit that was conducted in Maricopa County.

No one added or took away ballots that supposedly existed in the first place during the time of the 2020 election, so everyone should obviously expect for the numbers in the recount process to remain about the same. But this isn’t the story here, and wasn’t the purpose of the forensic audit. 

A forensic audit is designed to look at the ballots and voters themselves, and reveal any discrepancies or issues on a ballot to ballot basis. The audit cannot add or subtract these votes, no matter what is found to exist within the data, so the simple count of what existed originally makes sense to be the same. What doesn’t make sense, is peoples complete inability to look at any more of the information that the audit provided. 

My first question to anyone would be, if you care at all about election integrity, did you actually watch the audit report? If you didn’t, you shouldn’t write about it, and if you did, thank you for being an actually concerned citizen in modern times that doesn’t just blindly go wherever the common narrative takes you, and this goes for both Republicans and Democrats alike. 

So I advise that anyone reading this go watch the stream of the report for yourself and decide for yourself what you think about the information stated. With that aside, here’s a quick breakdown of the information that was actually shared by the forensic audit of Arizona. 

First off, there were 17,322 double ballots that were found to be counted. This means that an individual voter was recorded to have two copies of the same ballot, with some voters even casting three or four copies of their individual vote. As no one should legally be able to vote more than one time, these ballots should not count at all. At the very least, the multiples of the same ballot should all be removed down to a single vote. Not only that, but the audit also found that over 25% of these multiple ballots were cast after the election, between the dates of November 4th and November 9th of 2020. 

Using information from the Social Security Administration and USPS, the audit also was unable to match human voter identities with existing ballots for 86,391 votes. About 74% of these unknown ballots were registered as Democratic or ‘Other’, amounting to 63,757 votes that are being questioned. 

The audit also found that 10,342 votes came from individuals who voted in more than one county in Arizona. This was found by comparing the voter registration data with voter records in Maricopa County and 14 other counties in the state. Again, people shouldn’t be able to vote twice. 

Strangely enough, it was found that 3,432 more votes exist in the entire Maricopa County vote count than the number of people who actually voted in the 2020 election. Doesn’t take much sense to wonder how that is even possible without problems existing. 

It was also found that 2,592 more duplicate ballots exist than original ballots sent for duplication. Again, how does that make any sense? It just simply doesn’t. Those numbers should always be the same, kinda like the number of people who voted compared to the votes that were recorded. 

23,344 mail-in ballots were found to have been from voters voting from a previous address where no one of the registered names was said to currently live.

9,041 more mail-in ballots were accepted into the election count than were reported to have been sent out to voters in the first place.  

For the smaller findings, 393 ballots had incomplete names, 282 votes were found to have come from people said to be dead, and 198 votes were cast by voters who registered after the registration deadline.

The presentation also revealed that a mass amount of election data, that was supposed to be stored and protected, was potentially purposefully deleted from the Master File Table and the Election Management System Servers. HiPro Scanner data was also deleted. This destruction of evidence and election records was said to have been done the day before the audits were supposed to collect the information.

If this doesn’t raise major red flags in your mind, as well as the long time refusal to comply with subpoenas, I am not sure what would. If all of this information is meaningless to you, there is no sense in trying to convince you otherwise. If this makes you potentially ask yourself a few common sense questions, go watch the video for yourself online. 

I have no idea anymore what is truth and what is lies. On both sides, from most all modern humans. My philosophy is to question everything and look into anything for myself and make my own decisions about what to think. I do not trust modern news narratives. I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, I’m not a flat earther and I don’t give a damn about QAnon. I barely consider myself a Republican, and certainly not a Democrat. I only care about the truth and the effects that lies have on society and history. I can merely attempt to be objective and watch the world, doing my own research daily with the information available at any given moment. 

Trump ended up being right about Hillary Clinton and her allies creating a fake story to share about Trump collusion with Russia. The media repeated that narrative day after day for years at a time. The entire idea was a fabrication, and more information comes out as time ticks along to show that this was a lie. Trump ended up being right about the FBI assisting the mess on January 6th. Looks like Trump was right about the coronavirus coming from a lab in China as well.

Despite the facts that continually are released on the matters, the news media and the people that follow them continue to move forward like nothing ever happened and spin the same old narratives no matter the truth. With all that, and everything from the audit, is Trump eventually going to be proven right about election fraud?

Only time will tell, and even then, if there was more concrete evidence to show there was election fraud, I truly wonder if anything would be done about it. A step further, I wonder how many people alive would even care.